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Black Magic Knife Jigs

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Product Description

Black Magic Knife Jigs - Jigging lures for kingfish, tuna and ocean boat fishing

Designed for speed and a super-fast drop. Black Magic Knife Jigs are the type of fishing lure that will prove deadly when boat fishing out on the ocean against the likes of Tuna, Mackerel, Kingfish and a host of other blue water bullets that test the mettle of every angler and their kit. We stock 3 weights in our range of Black Magic Knife Jigs from which to choose when ordering and they are all available in a great range of colours that will be sure to enrage the laziest of fish.

All Black Magic Knife jigs are dressed with a Lumo belly strip, ideal for reflecting light and attracting fish from a significant distance. The holographic colours, combined with the Lumo strip, creates a visual bonanza for predatorial pelagic species. With their super-fast sinking speed, these metal jigging lures are perfect for fishing everywhere in the water column.

Hooks sizes are big for big mouths. Check the specifications below for sizes. The single assist hook ensures a brilliant hook up rate and Black Magic quality means that you can fish aggressively, laying into your quarry knowing full well you’ll be less likely to lose a prize fish to substandard knots and connections.

The Black Magic Knife Jigs will suit the sports angler who enjoys the physicality of the jigging technique. There’s nothing more physical than a battle with a huge Blue Fin or Yellow Fin Tuna. This is the calibre of fish you can expect to attract with the Black Magic Knife Jigs.

Grab a selection of weights and colours and put them in your shopping trolley. They’re a must for the top shelf of your fishing lure box. Sold pre-rigged and ready to drop from the edge of your boat. Black Magic Knife jigs for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Weights:  150, (8/0 hook) 200 and 300 grams (9/0 hook)
  • All lures have holographic colours
  • Each Lure has a Lumo lumbar strip
  • Hook configuration: Single Assist
  • Suitable for boat fishing out on the ocean – Perfect for Kingfish, Amberjack, Mackerel, Tuna and a range of other Bluewater fish species

Note: Price is for 1 lure only and will vary depending on which model size you choose to purchase (heavier lures are slightly more expensive)


  • Well thought out colour design to entice the selective feeders.
  • Brilliant reflective finish entices fish from a distance. They simply can’t leave them alone.
  • Design facilitates super-fast sinking.
  • Ideal for fishing everywhere in the water column out on the ocean.
  • Big hooks with strong connections for more secure hook-ups.

Black Magic Knife Jigs will prove to be a brilliant fishing lure in the deep blue water. With a great design and build you’ll find they rack up a significant catch list. All you need to do now is choose your colour and weights and drop them in your shopping basket. Priced to sell, so make sure you grab a selection of Knife Jig Fishing Lures if you can afford to.

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