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Black Magic Flasher Rigs For Sale – Snapper Snatcher / Bleeding Pilchard

There are several brands of flasher rigs and snatchers on the market for sale however here at Fishing Tackle Shop our top pick is the original Black Magic flasher rigs.

They make an excellent choice for a vast array of fishing styles and account for many captures across an extensive list of fish species. Their design caters to beach and rock anglers but where they excel is offshore. Incredibly popular in New Zealand waters, these rigs are just as effective for Australian fishing conditions and across the globe.

We sell a few models here at Fishing Tackle Shop, the most popular being the Black Magic Snapper Snatcher and Bleeding Pilchard fishing rig. Either style makes the perfect choice when chasing fish such as snapper, kingfish, salmon, tailor, flathead and a host of other saltwater fish.

Hand made in New Zealand; Black Magic flasher rigs get made with only quality components including Black Magic high carbon chemically sharpened hooks, quality Black Magic tough trace and heavy-duty swivels.

All Black Magic Flasher Rigs are ready to use straight out of the packets and come wound onto a reusable foam holder for ease of storage. A soft lumo glow bead sitting above the hook completes the package making it an excellent saltwater fish attracting rig.

Features and Specifications

  • Quality Black Magic chemically sharpened high carbon hooks
  • Black Magic tough trace
  • Glow in the dark luminescent glow beads
  • Re-usable foam holder
  • Hand made in NZ
  • Heavy duty connection swivel
  • Pre-tied loop for attaching a sinker
  • 1 rig complete with 2 hooks and flashers.
  • We sell Snapper snatcher and bleeding pilchard models
  • Ideal for beach fishing, rock or offshore boat fishing. Snapper fisho’s love them

Note: Price is for one rig only. Choose the model you require when you place your order. Pricing can vary dependant on which rig you choose to buy. Multiple images are for reference only.

Flasher Rig Buyers Guide

As you will have now gathered, we sell a few styles of rigs. Now you will learn about the differences and advantages of each rig style.

Black Magic Bleeding Pilchard Rigs

Make an attractive mix of pilchard colours and come rigged on either a 4/0 or a larger 6/0 sized suicide hook. Models with Suicide hooks like the bleeding pilchard work best on a stiffer rod. They’re perfect for the angler that likes to feel and strike.

Bleeding Pilchard rigs are ideal for fishing from the beach, rocks, or offshore on your local reefs.

Black Magic Snapper Snatcher Rigs

Here at Fishing Tackle Shop, we stock the best selling snapper snatcher models. Those rigs are the 5/0 and 8/0 Snapper snatcher in original colours.

The 5/0 Snapper snatcher is rigged on black magic tough trace 80lb and completed using a 15kg Black magic barrel swivel. For the 8/0 model, the swivel still rates at 15kg, but the line is 100lb tough trace.

Like the bleeding pilchard, Snapper Snatches are also ideal for beach, rock and offshore boat fishing. However, the significant difference is the use of circle hooks.

It’s no secret that circle hooks are better for the preservation of fish. Circles, in most cases, avoid gut hooking and work exceptionally well for offshore fishing. You do not need to strike the fish, let the fish hook itself.

How to Use Black Magic Flasher Rigs

To use either the snapper snatcher or bleeding pilchard rigs, tie your main line onto the swivel at the top of the fishing rig, then attach an appropriate size sinker or jig onto the loop at the bottom and it is ready to fish.

If desired, a small amount of bait can be added to increase the appeal. Once rigged, drop the Black Magic Bleeding pilchard flasher fishing rig down to the appropriate depth and lift and drop the rod tip in sluggish motions.

When using at night or in deep water, charge up the lumo bead on the Black Magic Bleeding Pilchard or Snapper Snatcher fishing rig by leaving in the sun or under a bright light for a few minutes. For the ultimate in charging up glow beads-shining a UV torch on the beads will get them glowing extremely bright in no time.

If you choose to use the Black Magic Flasher Rigs from the beach, we suggest using them with Star sinkers to give you maximum grip in the sand. The extra grip provided by the star sinker assist in holding your rig firm with the added benefit of a reduction in chance of tangle.

Off the beach, the flashers work exceptionally well with chunks of pilchard, tuna, mackerel, mullet or squid.


  • Being hand made in New Zealand using quality Black Magic and Wasabi components, the Black flasher rig is a quality rig that is a worthwhile addition to all tackle boxes. Especially those anglers that fish the rocks, beach or go offshore.
  • The chemically sharpened high carbon hooks ensure you have the best chance of pinning fish.
  • High abrasion resistance of the Black Magic tough trace makes the rigs better positioned to withstand rough teeth and the gill plates of fish, as well as to survive rubbing on rocks and other abrasive structures.
  • Suitable for fishing in both night and daytime, as well as in deeper water, with the inclusion of a glow in the dark luminescent bead above each hook. Charge the beads up by placing the rigs in sunlight or under bright lights, or by charging up with a UV light.
  • Storage is made extremely simple with the flasher rigs sold on a reusable foam holder, perfect for wrapping the rig back up in at the end of the days fishing.

Ideal for the angler who fishes the surf, rocks or goes offshore, the Black Magic flasher rigs for sale are a must have item for all boats and tackle boxes. Give the flasher rigs a try. Buy one or pop a few in your order today.


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