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Nomad DTX Minnow Lure: Dive Deep, Run Straight, Catch Big

The Nomad DTX Minnow isn't just another trolling lure. It's a predator-attracting powerhouse designed to ruthlessly drag the meanest pelagic fish from the depths. Imagine a hard bait that swims like a wounded mullet, dives like a ballistic missile, and tracks as straight as a greyhound on the run. That's the Nomad DTX Minnow Lure.

Built for offshore brute fish:

This isn’t your grandpa's minnow. The DTX is forged from saltwater-savaging ABS plastic, packing the strength to withstand the toothy tantrums of certain tuna, wahoo, and any other apex predator with a serious hunger pang. Its "Gorilla Through Wire" runs from eye to tail, like a steel spine, adding even more muscle to its fighting spirit.

Swim Like a Wounded Minnow, Bite Like a Shark:

The Nomad DTX Minnow lure’s unique body shape isn't just for show. It creates a panicked, wobbling action that screams "easy pickings" to any lurking predator. The concealed belly eyelet lets you troll at warp speed, sending this distressed baitfish deeper and faster than ever.

Nomad Autotune - The Secret Defence:

Forget wobbly fishing lures that veer off course like a nervous rookie. The Nomad DTX Minnow lure features a patented Autotune system, which is like a magic tow point, ensuring the DTX Minnow Lure swims straight and true, no matter how many times it gets hammered. This means more hook-ups, less frustration, and more bragging rights at the Barbie.

Colours that Taunt:

The Nomad DTX Minnow lure comes in a killer range of colours; each painted perfectly. We're talking bruised sardines, flashy chrome, and everything in between, designed to trigger primal feeding instincts in even the most jaded game fish. Our popular colours include CT Coral Trout, FRH Fireball Red Head, MT Mack Tuna, RBT Redbait, SAR Sardine and SGM Silver Green Mackerel.

More Than Just a Lure, It's an Investment:

Nomad DTX Minnow lure was meticulously designed by anglers who know a thing or two about taming the beasts of the deep. It's not just a lure; it's an investment in quality, performance, and fish-catching confidence.

Ready to unleash your inner predator? Buy a Nomad DTX Minnow, and let the carnage commence.

Models We sell

At our fishing tackle shop, we carry the most popular models for bluewater fishing in Australia.


  • 200mm
  • Weight: Approx 165 grams
  • Large-size lure
  • Trolling Speed: 12 Knots+
  • Diving Depth: 12m+ when trolled between 6-9 knots
  • Tackle: 2x BKK Diablo Five strength Singles in size 11/0
  • Ideal for offshore sport and game fish such as tuna, trevally, wahoo, mahi mahi and other large fish.

Nomad DTX Minnow Lure FAQ

What fish is the Nomad DTX Minnow designed to catch?

The DTX Minnow is a lure of choice for targeting saltwater fish such as tuna, wahoo, mackerel, mahi mahi, and any other saltwater bruiser with a taste for distressed baitfish.

Can I troll the DTX Minnow at high speeds?

Absolutely! The concealed belly eyelet and Autotune system let you troll this lure at screaming speeds, making it perfect for covering blue water and finding hungry fish fast.

Is the Nomad DTX Minnow tough enough for Game fish?

You bet. The "Gorilla Through Wire" construction and saltwater-resistant ABS plastic can handle anything a cranky critter throws.

Buy A Nomad DTX minnow Lure Online.

Don't just dream of epic offshore battles - live them. The Nomad DTX Minnow Lure isn't just another lure; it's a portal to a world where prize fish lurk in the sapphire shadows, waiting to be enticed by your cunning presentation.

Imagine the tug on your line, the exhilarating fight, the triumphant glint of scales as you hoist your hard-earned quarry aboard. With a Nomad DTX Minnow, it may no longer be just a fantasy!

Don't wait for someone else to tell you about the day they landed a monster tuna with the DTX Minnow. Be the angler who whispers the legend.

Are you looking to buy a Nomad DTX Lure? Look no further! The Fishing Tackle Shop offers the DTX minnow at a great price. We’ve been delivering top-quality fishing tackle since 2005.


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