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Maxer Keeper Net with Floats

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Maxer Brand Keeper net with floats (Floating Keeper Net)

The good old keeper net has been the traditional way to keep our catch fresh until our session comes to a close. A classic with land-based anglers, the keeper net was a special for Luderick and Bream anglers. Rarely would you see a Bream and Luderick kit without a keeper net.

While for the most part effective, the standard keeper net is not without problems. The obvious problem is that they kill fish slowly, or, at the very least, places them under significant stress. This is bad for the fish, and evidence also suggests that this is bad for table quality.

In a traditional keeper net, the fish have no room to move, invariably strangled by the net, and unable to get water passed over their gills. Yes, the fish will stay cool in the water, but you will usually pull the bag up and find dead fish.

The Maxer Brand Keeper net with rings and floats has addressed this issue. The floats allow the net to hang in an expanded position to allow your catch to move about. A simple solution to an age-old problem.

The net is collapsible, and therefore easy to transport and store. A convenient draw string at the top allows for the addition and removal of fish without the fear of losing other fish contained inside.

For the live bait angler, this is the perfect way to store your baits and keep them alive. It avoids the need for blow up pools, big buckets and the constant water changes, or the need for battery operated aerators.

The Maxer Brand Keeper net with floats for sale now is such a brilliant idea that it’s stunning that we have not seem them on the market for decades already.

Grab one for your kit now. A fresh fish is an alive fish, and the Maxer Brand Keeper net with floats will keep you fish alive until ready for cleaning.

Features and Specifications

  • Maxer Keeper Net with Floats (Floating net)
  • 13 Floats included on top ring
  • Approx 65cm deep when extended (48cm between top and bottom rings)
  • Diametre approx. 35cm (top) 45cm (bottom)
  • Net Materiel – Nylon
  • Rope Length Approx: 10 metres
  • Weight: approx. 575 grams


  • Keeps fish alive and swimming until time to clean. The ultimate fish keeper for the freshest of fish meals
  • Collapsible construction makes it easy to store and transport
  • The draw string opening is easy to operate without the hazards of losing any of your valuable catch
  • Makes an ideal live bait storage option. Keep your poddy mullet, Yakka and Slimy alive and kicking to attract big ocean predators. Less time collecting baits and more time for hunting the oceans biggest
  • Ideal for land-based anglers, kayak and boat anglers
  • Multiple floats are included on top ring to ensure best buoyancy.

The Maxer Brand Keeper net with floats for sale now provides an outstanding way to keep your catch alive. The old keeper net has had its day. Do yourself a favour and upgrade to the Maxer Brand Keeper net with floats, a floating keeper net for the freshest of catches and healthy live baits.


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