AFN Deluxe Floating Fishing Net

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$39.95 - $44.95
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AFN Deluxe Floating Fishing Net

AFN's Deluxe Floating Fishing Net series is a game-changer for anglers looking to upgrade their landing nets. Unlike standard landing nets that sink, AFN Sea Pro specialty landing nets float to prevent accidental loss.

The Sea Pro model is engineered for offshore fishing. No more helplessly watching your net disappear if you accidentally drop it overboard! Even in deep waters, this net remains afloat, so you can quickly retrieve it.

The same applies to inshore fishing concerning the river pro. If the net slips from your hand, it floats on the surface rather than sinking out of reach to the bottom of the lake or river.

While standard landing nets can often become unrecoverable if dropped, AFN's floating nets help to remove that risk. Now, you can focus on safely landing all your catches without worrying about losing your net through a lapse of judgment or slip of the hand.

The affordable price of all models we sell of the AFN Deluxe Floating Fishing Net means these premium nets are accessible to all anglers. Whether offshore or inshore, upgrading to a floating net is a wise investment so you can have peace of mind and not need to head back to shore early in the event of an accidental net misfortune.

Features and Specifications

  • Sea Pro (available in small or large)
  • River Pro (available in small or large
  • Floating landing net
  • Lanyard
  • easy to grip and handle
  • Portable folding design

Size Specs

  • Small: TBA
  • Large: TBA

Note: Price is for one net only and price will vary depending on the model you choose.

What is the benefit of the folding design on the AFN nets?

The folding design allows the nets to be packed into smaller sizes for easy transport and storage. This portable folding ability makes storing the nets in your boat, backpack, or fishing vehicle convenient when not in use. Then, when you need it, expand the net, and it's ready to use.

Do the AFN Deluxe Floating Fishing Nets come in different handle lengths?

AFN offers floating nets in both a small standard handle length and a large extended handle length. The standard handle is suitable for most fishing applications where length is not as important such as if you were to be fishing from a kayak. However, for offshore fishing, the extended handle length can be beneficial as it allows you to land fish more easily from higher gunwales.

Buy an AFN Deluxe Floating Fishing Net at the fishing tackle shop.

Make landing your trophy catches a breeze with an AFN Deluxe Floating Fishing Net, available right here at! Don't risk losing your landing net and missing out on PB fish. Invest now in a floating net designed specifically for your style of fishing - whether battling snapper offshore or hooking trout inshore. With our competitive pricing, these premium floating nets are an affordable upgrade that can prevent heartache and lost catches. Don't wait - Order an AFN Deluxe Floating Fishing Net now.


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