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Marttiini Classic Filleting Knife

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Marttiini Classic Filleting Knife For Sale

Regarding fillet knives, the Marttiini Classic is a fusion of timeless Scandinavian design and sharp, modern functionality. Crafted in Finland, a country renowned for its master bladesmiths, this durable filleting knife blends classic style with razor-sharp precision.

Available with either a 6-inch or 7.5-inch blade, the Marttiini Classic is poised to make quick work of the most popular Aussie fish species. Whether you're prepping bream, whiting, snapper, bonito or trout, this handy knife has the capacity, when used correctly, to produce picture-perfect fillets in no time.

Marttiini Classic Filleting Knife's durable stainless steel blade retains its edge quite well, while the varnished birchwood handle provides a secure, comfortable grip during prolonged use. At around 12cm long, the handle is sized for comfort and control when filleting fish up to 3kg.

When it's time to hit the water, the Marttiini Classic tucks neatly into its included leather sheath for safe storage—no sharp blade knocking around and damaging your gear while you're on the move. Back on shore, the knife is just as home prepping the day's catch as it is slicing bait on the bait board.

The chrome-stainless steel Marttiini Classic blade isn't just easy on the eyes; it's easy to maintain. A few passes over a sharpening stone ensures it's always primed for precision. With proper care, this knife will serve an angler for a lifetime.

The proper filleting technique is key - using the right motions will help the Marttiini Classic live up to its surgical reputation. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro angler, the Marttiini Classic Filleting Knife delivers traditional style and modern performance. Pick one up, keep the edge keen, and enjoy the benefits of a durable, razor-sharp filleting companion. The next big catch is waiting!

Features and Specifications

  • Available in 6-inch or 7-inch blade (each sold separately)
  • Handle size: Approximately 12cm
  • Handle Material: Birch (varnished)
  • Flexible blade
  • Ideal for filleting fish up to 3kg
  • Chrome-stainless steel blade
  • Sheath (Leather) included

Can you only fillet fish with a filleting knife?

While designed for executing perfect fish fillets, the Marttiini Classic’s flexible blade and razor edge make it a handy kitchen companion beyond the world of seafood.

Take chicken breasts, for example. The Marttiini Classic can transform a humble chook breast into wafer-thin schnitzel or stir fry slices in seconds. Its narrow blade provides surgical control for uniform cuts, wasting little precious meat.

Were you looking to slice pork or beef into fajita strips or Korean bulgogi? The Marttiini Classic is your hibachi hero. Its keen stainless steel edge effortlessly slices meats into uniform strips or planks. Remember - while versatile, this knife isn't built for hacking through bones. Leave deboning to a sturdier tool.

The Marttiini Classic’s accuracy and control can benefit any thin-cut meal prep. Slice mushrooms for a veggie pizza or cube fruits for a yogurt parfait. It may be billed as a fillet knife, but we won’t judge if you sneak the Marttiini Classic into veggie or meat duty.

Wherever precision cutting is called for, the Marttiini Classic brings its blade to the task. So, expand your culinary horizons and explore this knife’s versatility. Just keep that edge sharp, and the Marttiini Classic will deliver clean, uniform cuts on proteins and produce alike.

How often should I sharpen my Marttiini Classic fillet knife?

Sharpening frequency for the Marttiini Classic depends on usage. For regular anglers, a few fishing trips between sharpenings is a good rule of thumb. But it's wise to check edge sharpness before each use. If cuts seem sloppier than usual, it’s time to refresh that razor edge.

Remember, the Marttiini Classic’s durable stainless steel blade is designed to hold an edge. But no knife stays sharp forever. Too many trips between sharpenings, and you’ll wear down that finely honed edge. Too frequent sharpening wastes good steel. Find the right balance for your use.

Here are some signs your Marttiini Classic needs some TLC:

- Fish flesh doesn't slice cleanly or uniformly

- Blade seems to catch or tear rather than slice smoothly

- Effort required to cut seems higher than usual

When those signals show, a few passes over a sharpening stone restores the surgical edge that makes the Marttiini Classic a prized fillet knife. However, between sharpenings, be sure to clean and dry the blade. A well-maintained knife deserves a long, productive life. So, for optimal longevity and performance, give your Marttiini Classic the occasional tune-up it deserves. Then, enjoy many seasons of service from a trusty-cutting companion!

Buy a Mattiini Classic Fillet Knife at the Fishing Tackle Shop

For a durable, razor-sharp fillet knife, pick up the Marttiini Classic from us at the Fishing Tackle Shop. Available in either 6 or 7.5-inch blades, it delivers surgical simplicity for filleting fish. Buy a Marttiini Classic Filleting Knife now at the Fishing Tackle Shop - the perfect cutting companion for your next big catch.


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