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Live Target Swimbait Lures

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Product Description

Live Target Swimbait Lures

There are two Australian native fish that will always hold top billing in Australian fishing. The Barramundi and the Murray Cod are our home grown super fish. They’re aggressive predators and the ultimate in inshore sports fishing here down under. What’s more, they both grow in excess of a meter.

Many an Aussie angler has a large specimen of either or both on their fishing bucket list. If you’re looking to tick that box in record fashion, you need the right bait. To get the big ones, you need to attach a Live Target Swimbait Lure to your line.

The Live Target Adult Trout Swimbait will be the for the Murray Cod. The Live Target Sunfish Swimbait will also work beautifully on the Cod but will be awesome for attracting massive Barra.

Big money and research has been invested into the Live Target swimbaits. They wanted to be sure that they are anatomically correct and that tail action, and swimming action are so life-like as to be indistinguishable from the real thing.

Not only did they achieve outstanding realism and the most enticing action imaginable, the designers also added features to assist the angler. The lure is internally weighted with weights secreted away assisting the action. The sinking lure will drop at a rate of about 1 foot per second.

The top mounted hook is positioned just behind the dorsal fins. The fin creates a weed guard making it ideal for casting through the river features with less chance of hook fowling water foliage and other snags. The underbelly has a connection point, so anglers can further refine the lure to targets and conditions. Fit further weight for fishing deeper in the water column. Add a treble for greater security come strike time. The addition of a spinner blade will create awesome flashes to stimulate a sluggish bite.

Live Target Swimbait Lures are big baits for attracting big fish. They are incredibly easy to use as a slow retrieve is all that is required to impart peak action.

The Live Target Adult Trout Swimbait and The Live Target Sunfish Swimbait, for sale now, are the sure path to nabbing big Barra and Big Murray Cod. Get yourself one couple now.


Features and Specifications

Live Target Sunfish Swimbait Soft Plastic 130mm 1.1/3oz Various Sinking
Live Target Adult Trout Swimbait Soft Plastic 7.5 inches 3.2oz Various Sinking
  • Scientifically developed
  • Internally weighted
  • Big hooks for big mouths
  • Spare underbelly eyelet for connecting accessories
  • Easy to work for peak action
  • Realistic design and action. Very lifelike
  • Irresistible tail action
  • Supplied rigged
  • Live Target Swimbait Lures areIdeal for targeting Murray Cod and Barramundi


  • The big strong single hooks are ideally suited for the large mouths of Barra and Cod.
  • Scientific development has ensured delivery of the perfect replica
  • The underbelly connection provides flexibility, allowing you to accessories with weight, trebles or assists, as well as fish attracting connections like spinners
  • The tail action is the key feature. It is astonishingly natural and real providing the perfect enticement for an aggressive bite
  • The hook position relative to the dorsal fin provides weedless properties for foul up free fishing
  • Action is perfect with mono or braid

When you want a sure thing, you want Live Target Swimbait Lures tied to your line. The Live Target Adult Trout Swimbait and the Live Target Sunfish Swimbait are an essential weapon for getting huge Murray Cod and record breaking Barra.

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