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Jarvis Walker Eezy Rigs Quick Change

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Product Description

Jarvis Walker EEZY Rigs Quick Change Clips

The Jarvis Walker EEZY Rigs are a must have for any fishing tackle box. Rigging EEZY makes a heap of sense and takes the time and drama out of quick rig changes. The Jarvis Walker EEZY Rigs are available in two sizes, large or small. The large are sold in packs of 4, the small comes in a 5 pack. Constructed from quality plastics and stainless steel, you can rest assure they will handle all the punishment the big ones dish out.

The EEZY rigs come into their own when the quick change is required. Often you will see your line struck hard only to reel in an empty leader. Yes, the Mackerel have arrived and their teeth do not discriminate. Just take a look at the fangs on a Spaniard; mono doesn’t stand a chance. When the Mackerel arrive, you want to make a fast change to wire so you don’t miss an opportunity. Their presence could be fleeting and you want to maximise your time in the water.

Conversely, you might be fishing heavy with some serious wire because of the Mackerel and other toothy critters you are hunting. When you happen across a school of Bream or other species without a mouth full of knives, you need to change to a mono leader to ensure you don’t induce a timid bite. EEZY rigs make a fast change super smooth and easy. No mess, no fuss.

A selection of Jarvis Walker EEZY Rigs is a must for every tackle box. The angler that likes to fish for a mixed bag in the one session should consider always rigging with EEZY rig. Don’t compromise with a one rig fits all approach, change your rig to suit the fish. It’s simple, and you will increase your catch, and what angler doesn’t want to do this!

Features and Specifications

  • Stainless construction
  • Durable plastic
  • Small (red): 5 per pack
  • Large (Blue): 4 per pack
  • Easy to use
  • Super-fast rig changes

Note: Price is for 1 Packet only – Choose which size you require when ordering


  • Makes fast rig changes a breeze.
  • Alternate rigs without having to fully re-rig.
  • Changes leaders depending on the teeth of the predators you encounter quickly and easily.
  • Durable and hardwearing. Last cast after cast and many battles in the harsh salty environment.

Simple ideas often have a significant impact on your fishing style. The Jarvis Walker EEZY Rigs allow you to alternate rigs quickly and easily. This is great news for when you might have a more involved or complex rig. Grab a pack or a couple of packs now and rig EEZY.

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