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Duo Realis Shinmushi Lure Cicada

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Duo Realis Shinmushi Lure Cicada

There are more and more cicada profile lures hitting the shelves. Once unheard of, anglers now have quite the selection. In the same vein as “oils ain’t oils,” ‘Cicadas ain’t cicadas’. When a lure idea hits the market, many manufacturers attempt to copy quality with substandard shelf-filler which should be avoided. The key to a great cicada lure is top shelf quality design and components.

The Duo Realis Shinmushi Lure Cicada for sale now is straight out of Japan. The Japanese are famous for exceptional lure design and components, and the Duo Realis Shinmushi fishing lure is a perfect example of meticulous attention to quality and insightful design.

Duo Realis Shinmushi Lures are ideal for fishing the rivers when the Cicada is in season. Having said that, the action is so compelling, the Cicada will be a river special all year round. The floating lure is designed for fishing the topwater in the salt and the fresh. Worked creatively, the action is irresistible, and the fish seem to hit it so much harder than other lures. The harder a fish smashes a surface lure, the more likely a secure hook-up.

In the fresh stuff, the Duo Realis Shinmushi Lure will be perfect for Bass. Their naturally aggressive nature will ensure an attack, even if they aren’t hungry. Perch will also be a special for your Cicada. Again, don’t be afraid to try it all year round.

If you’re in the top end, cast at Sooty Grunter in the early morning or late afternoon for some awesome surface action in the wild rivers. Keep your wits about you, they can get pretty big and they’re dirty fighters.

In the salt, and speaking of dirty fighters, Mangrove Jack are sure to have a shot at your Duo Cicada at dusk and dawn. These guys can get pretty big too, so experiment with alternative hook arrangements.

In the salt rivers and estuaries, try banks with plenty of overhanging trees for some topwater Bream. They’ll love the Cicada during Cicada season.

The Duo Realis Shinmushi Lure Cicada is more versatile than you might first assume. Importantly, you’ll remember the explosive surface action for years to come. Here’s a tip…Try your Cicada in the evening. The noise is enough to bring on the bite.

Features and Specifications

  • Profile: Cicada
  • Length: 40mm
  • Weight: 5.7grams
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Depth: Top water
  • Hook: Treble #10


  • Brilliant in the salt and fresh water.
  • Ideal for explosive surface action in the rivers, both downstream and way up stream, including dams and impoundments.
  • A great option for evening lure fishing or when there is a significant lack of light.
  • The fixed wings deliver an attractive freestyle swimming action that generates plenty of noise and vibration.
  • Brilliant on the pause. Fish will attack a stationary Cicada after following it for some distance.
  • Because the lure floats, you can cast right into the structure without less of getting hooked up on the submerged timber.
  • At 5.7 grams, you get the best action from fishing braids. Fish as light as you dare, or weight up a little if you are expecting mum and dad size fish from the puddle you’re fishing.

The Duo Realis Shinmushi Lure Cicada is a must in the river anglers arsenal. You’ll see the benefits of fishing top shelf lures from the first cast. Look forward to some seriously explosive top water action whatever fish you target.


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