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Jarvis Walker Crystal Creek Trout Spinners

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$10.95 - $11.95
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Jarvis Walker Crystal Creek Spinner Lure Packs – Trout Spinners

Get back to the heart and soul of fresh water lure fishing with the Jarvis Walker Crystal Creek Spinner Lure Packs for sale now. Before the technological soft plastic boom, spinners were the staple for catching the likes of Trout, Perch, Bass, Redfin and Yellowbelly. Every freshwater angler had a selection of freshwater spinners that were deployed with great success every weekend.

Despite new technology and changing fishing habits, the spinner has remained a very popular choice for the fresh. The reason for this is simple. They are incredibly successful. They catch plenty of amazing Australian freshwater fish favourites. It pays to remember these spinners are also very successful in the salt up against the likes of Bream and Flathead. The insightful angler will also attract delicious Whiting.

Sold in a pack of 5 lures, they are available in either 3.5 gram and 7 gram. We strongly advise purchasing a pack of both if you can to ensure you are covered for all conditions. The Bronze trebles are incredibly sharp and strong. Strikes turn into hook-ups more frequently and you have all the strength you need to wrestle the fish from its defensive position deep in the cover.

With a brilliant shining flashing blade, fish come from all over to chow down. They are easy to use and can be fished in any number of ways and retrieve styles. Experiment with your spinner, versatility is one of the strengths of the Jarvis Walker Crystal Creek Spinner Lure Packs. Grab one or a couple of packs for your lure arsenal now.

Features and Specifications

  • Sold as 1x Packet of 5 lures
  • Choose from either a 3.5 gram size or a 7 gram size pack
  • Ideal as trout spinners but also popular for targeting other freshwater species such as bass, redfin and other perch.
  • Could be used in saltwater also for bream and other species (make sure you wash well in freshwater after use)
  • Made with fish attracting metal blades
  • Bronze Treble Hooks


  • Easy to use and ideal for the novice and beginner yet brilliant in the hands of an angling master.
  • The super sharp bronze trebles endure for many a cast and ensure a secure hook-up on strike.
  • Can be worked at any depth in the water column. Sink to desired zone and experiment with your retrieve letting the shiny blades work their magic attracting fish from far and wide.
  • While designed for legend Aussie fresh water fish, the crystal creek spinner will work wonders on salt species such as Bream.

Jarvis Walker Crystal Creek Spinner Lure Packs for sale now take you back to the roots off lure fishing the fresh. These trout spinners are proven fish takers enjoying decades of success and enduring popularity. Grab a pack or two and get casting now. Tip; a special for Browns and Rainbows.


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