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Fishing Gear & Accessories


Fishing Gear and Accessories - Think of literally any type of useful fishing equipment and the Fishing Tackle Shop will likely stock it. For buying fishing gear online, few can compete with our vast selection.

From tackle boxes and fishing bags to bait pumps and essential fishing gear, you’ll never be short of options. Check out each category below for generous prices and undeniable quality.

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Fishing Accessory Kits

This is where you will find our range of fishing tackle kits and accessory kits.

Fishing Pliers

See our range of fishing pliers, split ring pliers, worming pliers and more here.

Lip Grippers

Lip grippers – Check out our range here.

Fishing Knives

View our range of fishing knives and filleting knives here.


We stock quality fishing tackle boxes and have your tackle storage solutions covered.

Fishing Bags

We are your online online fishing tackle shop for tackle bags large and small.

Wire Traces

If you need a solution to fishing in the dark we have a range of headlamps and torches to please.

Fishing Attractants & Scents

Improve your chances at catching a fish by adding fishing scents to your baits or lures.

Nipper Pumps Bait Pump

Using live bait will improve your chances at catching a feed of fish – we have all the gear to get you on your way here.

Chemical Light sticks

See our range of night lights - Chemical light glow sticks

Other Online Fishing Accessories

For all our other fishing gear accessories take a look here.



Safe and Secure Storage – A rugged but spacious tackle box is exactly what you need to store your various lures, jigs, fishing hooks, and fishing accessories safely. Alternatively, you choose from our range of bags instead. These are highly durable and easy to carry.

Fishing Tools for Peace of Mind – You will need at least a few reliable tools for your angling trips. Whether it’s to cut through lines or to make adjustments on the fly, pliers and other tools will let your trips flow much more smoothly.

Fishing Knives for Every Budget – No matter how you spend, there is quality at every level in our range of fishing knives. These are highly durable and packed with features toward the upper end of the range.

Anything and Everything – Our range of products is so broad that you can even purchase attractants and fishing scents for drawing more bites. You’ll never need to look anywhere else again when buying fishing equipment online.