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Fin-Nor Fishing Reels


Since being established in the 1930s, Fin-Nor has gone on to be known as the “Rolls-Royce of big game fishing reels”. But Fin-Nor fishing reels are not just limited to catching big game species, with spinning reels and overhead reels also to be found in this section. Thus far, Fin-Nor reels have set over 900 IGFA world records.

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Fin-Nor Spinning Reels

Fin-Nor spinning reels are known worldwide for delivering quality and performance at a great price! – Buy here.

Fin-Nor Overhead Fishing Reels

Fin-Nor overhead fishing reels are perfect for boat fishing anglers! Buy here.

Fin-Nor Game Fishing Reels

Fin-Nor game fishing reels are the reels of choice when targeting large game fish such as tuna or marlin.



Fin-Nor Spinning Reels – Choose from a multitude of affordable spinning reels, including models from the Rampage, Affinity, and Offshore ranges.

Fin-Nor Overhead Reels – Among the overhead reels, options include Biscayne, Overhead Offshore, and impressive Marquesa ranges.

Fin-Nor Game Fishing Reels – Santiago reels are some of the most advanced produced by Fin-Nor. Aluminium body and components are incredibly strong and have been protected with an anodised coating for corrosion resistance.

Reels for Your Preference – Whether you require elite corrosion resistance, precision-machined components, or heavyweight fishing reels, there is a Fin-Nor reel to suit your angling preference. Start by selecting which of the three categories you require and then get browsing. There is range of drag ratings and spool capacities for reels to suit most budgets.