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13 Fishing Navigator Pencil Bait Lure

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13 Fishing Navigator Pencil Bait Lure

On the hunt for a new surface lure? Check out the 13 Fishing Navigator Pencil Bait Lure. This slick little lure moves through the water with graceful, ballet-like movements that drive fish wild.

Now I know what you’re thinking - just another overpriced surface lure, right? But the Navigator brings top-notch fishing lure design down to a budget-friendly price. It's a real game changer for bargain-hunting anglers.

The 13 Fishing Navigator Pencil Bait Lure has two sizes for sale (Each sold separately) - 10.8cm and 9.5cm. Each size brings its unique charm to the table, but the quality and performance remain consistent. Picture this – a lure that moves through the water like a ballet dancer gliding on stage. It's an enticing sight, even for the fish!

Battle-tested and Australian fish-approved, While many lures lose their allure before the battle commences, the Navigator Pencil Bait Lure boasts its ability to rise to the occasion. It's ready to tango with tenacious fish. Navigator's erratic, baitfish-like action drives fish mad with desire.

We all have those tough days when it seems no fish are biting. That's when the Navigator Pencil Bait Lure may save the day. Tie one on and wait for your luck to turn around. It can be a secret weapon for tough bites.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: 13 Fishing
  • Type: Surface lure - pencil bait
  • Length options: 10.8cm or 9.4cm (each size sold separately)
  • Weight: 10.8cm/ approx 19 grams or 9.4cm / approx 14 grams
  • Designed for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Multi Ratte – Noisy
  • Tail weight for casting improvement
  • VMC Sharp black nickel treble hooks

Please note that the price is for one Navigator only. Choose the model required when making your online purchase.

What types of fish will the Navigator Pencil Bait Lure catch?

The Navigator targets aggressive surface-feeding fish like bream, bass, barramundi and even flathead on the shallows. Navigators' erratic action imitates wounded baitfish and drives fish into a feeding frenzy.

What techniques work best when fishing the Navigator Pencil Bait?

Use a brisk retrieve with occasional twitches and pauses to mimic an injured baitfish for the best action. Letting the lure rest motionless for several seconds can provoke vicious strikes. Also, try a constant walk the dog retrieve.

In what fishing conditions does the Navigator Pencil Bait Lure excel?

The Navigator excels in calm, still conditions, particularly during dusk as the sun sets. Its surface action often entices fish when other lures fall short.

What size should I buy?

You can't go wrong with the 10.8cm or 9.4cm Navigator Lure. But generally, the 10.8cm is better suited to larger, aggressive fish, while the 9.4cm will get more bites from mid-sized sport fish. Consider your target species and go with the size that matches the preferred forage. Both sizes have the same great fish-catching action - just in two sizes tailored for different fish!

Buying A 13 Fishing Navigator Pencil Bait Lure Online

Ready to start catching more fish on the surface without breaking the bank? Add the 13 Fishing Navigator Pencil Bait Lure to your cart now. Navigator's erratic darting action drives fish wild.

Experience more explosive strikes on bass, barra, flathead and more. But don't delay - supplies are limited. Buy the 13 Fishing Navigator Pencil Bait Lure today and be ready to yell "Fish on!"


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