22nd Apr 2019

Shimano Aerowave Fishing Rods

Shimano Aerowave Fishing Rods For Sale

Shimano Surf Fishing Rods

Whether you like to fish from rocks, beaches, jetties, or break-walls, these Shimano Aerowave Surf Graphite and Composite Fishing Rods will be ideal. The Aerowave graphite and Aerowave 2 and 3 piece models are a fantastic offering for the rock and beach enthusiast.

With several models in both the full graphite and Composite range, Rock hoppers and beach combers alike have an awesome selection from which they can really refine their rig to be perfect for their application. The Aerowave series is an ideal range for chasing all of your coastal favourites from Tailor, Aussie Salmon, Mulloway, Bream, Dart, Drummer, Whiting and more.


Full Graphite Models

The full graphite models will suit the angler that would like to cast lures like metal slices as well as use flesh and live baits. Excellent strength and power in a super lightweight blank ensure you can throw all day, and endure lengthy battles without a hint of fatigue.

The brilliance of this blank ensures that while brute strength is a feature, anglers will enjoy feeling connected via a sensitivity that travels all the way to the EVA butt assembly.

The benefits of full graphite are well known to the angler who’s endured the years of 3-metre rods made from heavy fibreglass.

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Composite Blanks For Traditional Feel

Many rock and beach anglers have a preference for a traditional feel when it comes to long fishing rods. The composite blank is designed to cater to these anglers specifically.

The composite might be a better option for the angler that is either new to fishing long rods or is traditionally hard on their equipment.

A medium-fast action is the order of the day with the composite. Fish baits or fish lures, the traditional feel will have you feeling right at home.

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Two or 3 Piece Design

All of the Shimano Aerowave rods in this surf rod range have been built in two or three pieces depending on if you choose graphite or graphite composite model to allow for compact storage. This will give you extra space in cars and garages for storing these Shimano fishing rods.

Counter Weight Balance System for superb casting

The counterweight balance system available in all but three of the Aerowave models is a complete revelation for casting long. For the three models without the CWB, the spilt butt has a traditional wooden handle or spike configuration. Not only totally retro, but perfect for the rigours of rock and sand.

All models are superlative casters. Balance your rod with the appropriate reel, and you can be assured you can reach the school of Tailor sitting well out from the rock ledge.

The beach anglers will be completely confident they can reach the more distant gutters or drop a bait out behind the last line of breakers.