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Yamashita Squid Jig Egi Oh Q Live Live Series

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    Product Description

    Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Series Squid Jigs

    Yamashita have undertaken extensive research into eging or more commonly known as squid fishing and it has been Identified that Squid can sense temperature differences in the water. This prompted Yamashita Lure manufacturers to design and produce a unique live series squid jig like no other on the lure market.

    Yamashita developed a patented thermo-storage cloth in which they named the warm jacket. The Warm jacket is a cloth that responds to light of any form whether it be sunlight or artificial light from a torch or similar. The unique warm jacket cloth maintains its temperature for a much longer time frame with the ability to maintain heat similar to a natural fish or other form of prey this meaning that Yamashita Squid Jigs are top dog when it comes to choosing a squid jig as it is the best squid attracting squid jig fishing lure made and sold in the lure market today since squid have the ability to search for their pray by detecting temperature variations when they are on the hunt. The warm jacket is composed of a new innovation material named tactywarm which is weaved with a unique thread that is able to transform light into heat producing thermo energy about 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius warmer when the squid jig is in the water (depending on the actual conditions)

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Sizes Available are; 2.5 (10 grams and overall length is 4 inches) 3.0/15 grams and 3.5 (20 grams and overall length is approx 13.5cm) – Price is per each lure, just select your sizes and colours from drop down options and then add to cart.

    ♦   Tactywarm jacket on Yamashita Live series Squid Jig fishing lures

    ♦   Patented unique nose design

    ♦   Large flat eyes with a glow edge

    ♦   Super fine squid spikes

    ♦   Hyper direct SUS eyelet

    ♦   Knife edged style sink weight

    ♦   Strike Body

    ♦   Longer Casting distance than other traditional Squid Jigs



    ♦   Available in popular sizes 2.5 and 3.5, if you are chasing squid in fairly shallow water or if the squid are shy try using the size 2.5 Yamashita live squid jig. If you are fishing in deeper water or want to cast further try the Yamashita Squid jig size 3.5, both are perfect squid catching fishing lures but the Yamashita Live Squid Jig will also work in successfully capturing cuttlefish or octopus.

    ♦   Yamashita Live Squid Jigs and their Tactywarm jacket is like no other squid jig on the market with its ability to retain heat by turning a light source into heat. As squid sense temperature differences the Yamashita OH Q live squid jig is the only jig you should be using if you are serious about catching a feed of squid.

    ♦   Patented unique nose design on the Yamashita Live Series squid jigs is the thinnest nose that is available compared to other jigs on the market. This feature minimizes water resistance when hopped giving the Yamashita squid jig improved action with little effort.

    ♦   Super fine squid spikes ensure that when fishing with the Yamashita live squid jig once a squid takes your lure it will penetrate with ease helping ensure your capture.

    ♦   Hyper Direct SUS Eyelet will assist in maintaining jig strength and also will help prevent the Yamashita squid jig from breakage or leakage.

    ♦   Yamashita squid jigs incorporate a knife edged sinker weight which allows less resistance in the water.

    ♦   A strike designed body makes it easier to retrieve your Yamashita squid jig was accompanied by being able to cast much further than many other traditional squid jigs on the market.


    ♦   For more detailed information regarding the testing they have done on a squid jigs and the results visit:

    ♦   Due to the massive range of sizes and colours is just about impossible for us to keep the entire range of Yamashita live squid jigs on hand. However, if you see a colour you like but it is not available to order from the drop-down menu colour and size selection feel welcome to contact us and we will attempt to order that colour or size in specifically for you.

    So, what are you waiting for? Fill your tackle box with Yamashita egi OH Q live series squid jigs today and get serious about catching squid.

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