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Storm Super Gomoku Jig Slim Micro Jig

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Product Description

Storm Gomoku Slim Jig Micro Jig lures for Light jigging

If you are someone that enjoys deep jigging but find yourself unable to fish for as long as you would like, then it is time to consider picking up the Storm Gomoku Slim Jig Micro Jigs. For those unfamiliar with Gomoku, it is a fusion of deep jigging and light inshore jigging. They have created this line to enable anglers that get bogged down by deep jigging to continue fishing for longer periods of time.

Where the tackle for deep jigging can often make anglers apprehensive, the Storm Gomoku Slim Jig Micro Jig is a much more manageable size. By reducing the size the fishing lure also opens up a whole new range of fishing options. While deep jigging is great for amberjack, tuna and kingfish, with the smaller lure size you can also fish for snapper, flathead , bass, and redfin. The Storm Gomoku Slim Jig Micro Jig can be used for sub surface presentations, mid-water schools, and for bouncing the bottom making it a great all-around option to cater to where the fish are biting each trip.

The Micro Jigs are the smallest of the Storm Gomoku metal jigs and are available in several sizes and different design color configurations. These light jigs also feature an asymmetrical design that allows it to flutter and dart creating the appearance of a small baitfish waiting to catch the eye of nearby fish.

Features and Specifications

♦   Available in either 15g, 20g, 30g, 40g, 50g or 60g (Note prices will vary for each weight – select a size from our drop down size option menu to view price for that size)

♦   intricately finished colors

♦   Can be used at high-speed or at the bottom

♦   Asymmetrical for dart and flutter motions.

♦   Price is based for 1 lure.



♦   Storm Gomoku Slim Jig Micro Jig’s small size options allow for multiple uses from surface to bottom fishing.

♦   Multiple color options that you can purchase allow for variety and opportunity to catch a wide variety of fish from both salt and fresh water.

♦   The asymmetrical design creates unique dart and flutter motions that will easily attract fish from a distance.

♦   Storm Micro Jigs can be used for multiple techniques including high-speed top fishing and “jig-jig-pause” motions when retrieving from the bottom.

No matter what your fishing style, you are bound to get unparalleled use out of the Storm Gomoku Slim Jig Micro Jig. Great for ocean fishing and fresh water you’ll find yourself catching more species of fish than you ever imagined possible. You will no longer be held up by weather conditions and other constraints that cause problems with regular deep jigging. Simply pick up a few of the Gomoku jigs and you’re good to go.

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