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Quantum Inshore Smoke Spinning Reels

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Product Description

Quantum inshore smoke reels – Spinning Reel For Sale

So what’s in a name? Don’t let the “inshore” in Quantum inshore smoke reels fool you, the capacity of these splendid spin reels will seem them fit perfectly in the hands of the offshore angler that likes to tackle pelagic species on light gear. Trevally, and small Tuna are certainly not out of the question. Of course, reel sizes 30, 40 and 50 are designed for dominating all inshore applications. The 50 will suit the beach and rock angler looking to cast metal slices at Tailor and Mackerel. Lock the drag off and you’ll have the ideal weapon for sticking it to the brute force of the ever so stubborn Drummer. The Beach Angler will enjoy either the 40 or 50 tackling everything from Aussie Salmon on gang hooks to elbow Slapping Whiting on live worms or pipis for bait.

The 40 will also work beautifully for chasing big Flathead with Big lures. Whether land based or from your favourite vessel, record size Lizards are a likely target. For the traditionalist, live poddies drifted over a drop over will also suit the Quantum Smoke inshore fishing reels perfectly. Should you hit a wondering Jew, the 9kg of drag in the 40 will see you well armed to take the sting out of the famous Mulloway first run. If you have used braid, you will also have plenty of line on your spool, should the run prove difficult to halt.

Of course those that wish to flick lighter lures into racks and weed beds will be well served with the 30. Get all the feel of a finesse reel with the capacity to handle pretty weighty species should they take a liking to you plastic, crank or vibe. Bream, Whiting and Flathead are the target here but if the seas are slight, you might enjoy working a shore line gutter on the beach where Dart and Whiting hunt in numbers. They’re for sale no and priced to move.

Features and Specifications

♦   Thin Line aluminium body and side cover stacked ceramic front-adjustable drag system

♦   Polymer-stainless hybrid PT bearings

♦   LMS line management system

♦   Extra-hard PT gears

♦   Continuous Anti-Reverse

♦   Aluminium Long Stroke spool design

♦   9+1 Ball bearings

Note:Images for illustration only. Some variances may occur. Price is for 1 reel only.

Model Specific info

Smoke Inshore 30 SL30PTS

♦   Model name: SL30PTS

♦   Gear Ratio: 5.2:1

♦   Line retrieve: 79cm

♦   Approx Line Capacity Mono: 150 yards / 10lb

♦   Approx Braid Capacity: 220 yards / 20lb

♦   Max Drag: 8kg

♦   Approx Weight: 224 grams

Smoke Inshore 40 SL40PTS

♦   Model name: SL30PTS

♦   Gear Ratio: 5.3:1

♦   Line retrieve: 84cm

♦   Approx Line Capacity Mono: 250 yards / 10lb

♦   Approx Braid Capacity: 220 yards / 30lb

♦   Max Drag: 9kg

♦   Approx Weight: 275 grams

Smoke Inshore 50 SL50PTS

♦   Model name: SL50PTS

♦   Gear Ratio: 5.3:1

♦   Line retrieve: 92cm per crank

♦   Approx Line Capacity Mono: 225 yards / 12lb

♦   Approx Braid Capacity: 240 yards / 30lb

♦   Max Drag: 11kg

♦   Approx Weight: 284 grams

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

Good all-rounder for heavier inshore and lighter offshore applications. Great for snapper and other reef fish, mackerel, small tuna, barramundi and mulloway. So therefore will suit a 6-7ft rod with a line rating anywhere between 6-10kg for the 40 size in particular should marry up well, for the 30 size you could scale it back a little and use a rod with a line rating of around 4-5kg. For the 50 Size you may choose to go a little heavier and choose a graphite rod with a rating of say between 8-15kg in a boat or barra style rod. When we steer away from the boat and estuaries and move into rock and beach territory a 40 or 50 size smoke inshore reel is the best choice married up to a 9ft shore spin graphite rod or a light 10-11ft beach rod preferably graphite with a rating anywhere from 4-10kgs. This is a guide only providing you some of the most common applications so feel welcome to use a rod that you see fit. If you need help with rod choice just get in touch with our team here at Fishing Tackle Shop and we will provide some suggestions for you.



♦   LMS line management will give you outstanding long and accurate casts. Get your bait exactly where you want it.

♦   Continuous Anti Reverse sees you in charge when the fish strikes. With zero back play, the hooks will drive home pretty much every time.

♦   Spool capacities are generous. Coupled with the big drag capacities, you can rest assured your Quantum inshore smoke fishing reel will punch well above its considerable light weight

The Quantum inshore smoke reels provide the inshore angler with options, regardless of your spin application. Pricing is a the lower end of the mid-priced reels meaning you get exceptional value for money in a feature loaded reel ready to point at all our most famous species.

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