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Quantum Exo Fishing Reel - Spinning Reel

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    Product Description

    Quantum Exo Fishing reels – Spinning models.

    It’s a simple as this. Quantum gave their engineers a task to create a fishing reel that is as light as possible which did not sacrifice performance. The end result was a new revolutionary fishing reel design concept which was called “metal where it matters”. From this concept the Quantum Exo PT Exoskeltal lightest weight fishing reel ever by Quantum was born. That is not all however this is just the beginning so keep reading to find out more.


    Ok, So about the metal where it matters concept. To sum it up and keep it simple for you, Quantum Exo Fishing reels are constructed of a super ultra tough aluminium alloy in areas of the fishing reel which take full force under load. Coupled with a composite that is light weight, the concept reduces weight significantly in parts of the fishing reel that are not critical to strain which has allowed Quantum to construct their Exo fishing reel to have a frame that is as light as physically possible but does not sacrifice any strength. The end result, the Quantum Exo fishing reel with its materials used and brains behind the concept have a created a fishing reel that is super light in weight and is in fact 38% stronger than magnesium and 6 times the strength of a graphite composite framed fishing reel.


    Quantum have performed massive amount of testing on the Quantum Exo Fishing reel and have compared effects of stress of aluminium and composite materials. As part of this testing areas that are major parts of a fishing reel such as ball bearings, gear support and the arms of the fishing reel were all tested to ensure the fishing reels would pack the punch under maximum stress and produce as little as possible flex.


    Quantum fishing reels have developed a super strong material called C4LF constructed of a polymer that has been infused with 10mm average length strands of carbon fibre providing a materiel that is super strong and applying it in the rotor design of the quantum Exo fishing reel gives you a rotor which is approximately 2.6 times stronger than if this fishing reel used regular composite materials. This material will also provide minimal flex under heavy loads which is also approximately 80% lighter than rotors made of standard materials.


    Features and Specifications

    ModelGear RatioLine Cap.Max dragBearingsReel weight
    EX15PTI 5.3:1 100 yds. / 8 lb. 6 lb. 10+1 6.0 oz.
    EX25PTI 5.2:1 150 yds. / 8 lb. 16 lbs. 10+1 6.9 oz.
    EX30PTI 5.2:1 150 yds. / 10 lb. 20 lbs. 10+1 7.4 oz.

    ♦   All Quantum Exo spinning fishing reels have 10+1 ball bearings

    ♦   Ceramic front-adjustable drag system

    ♦   Polymer-stainless hybrid PT bearings

    ♦   LMS line management system

    ♦   Extra-hard PT gears

    ♦   Lightweight, machined aluminum crank handle

    ♦   Continuous Anti-Reverse

    Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Selection Guide

    Quantum EXO fishing reels are an awesome small fishing reel that offer the angler a lightweight solution to fishing in situations such as in a river, lake, bay, or around harbour walls as just a couple of examples. Whether it is to chase species such as blackfish, bream, perch, Australian bass or any other fish that can be captured on finesse fishing gear the quantum EXO fishing reel will provide excellence in every degree.

    ♦   Quantum EXO fishing reels model 10 will be more suited to fishing rods of say around 6 to 7 foot in length and rated between 1-4kg

    ♦   The 25 size quantum EXO fishing reel will be ideally suited to most fishing rods between six-foot and 7 foot 6 inches in length with a fishing line rating of around 3 to 5 kg

    ♦   Quantum EXO fishing reel model 30 will lift you up a notch having a larger capacity to be able to target a broader range of fish species including mangrove Jack, small Barra or even used as a light offshore fishing reel on shallow reefs for species such as snapper, therefore the 30 size quantum EXO fishing reel will suit most fishing rods rated between 4-8kg (ideally graphite)

    ♦   This is a guide (recommendation only) to offer some advice and this reel could be used for a number of other applications.



    ♦   Quantum Exo fishing reels provide you fishing reel that is super strong yet lightweight allowing you to have a fishing reel that is super sensitive and long-lasting.

    ♦   Quantum’s ceramic drag system will stack up to the challenge of being able to displace heat during long drawn out fights.

    ♦   10 ball bearings fitted within the Quantum EXO fishing reel provide you with a super smooth fishing reel. There is a ball bearing in all the places required to assist with stress. On top of this they have been fitted with a polymer casing that will provide you with corrosion resistance and extra sensitivity.

    ♦   The PT gears found in the Quantum Exo Fishing reel mesh perfectly and are made lightweight yet tough.

    ♦   Quantum Exo Fishing reels also feature continuous anti reverse which will provide you with a fishing reel that will give solid hook setting capabilities and allow you to control your lure with ease if you are fishing with lures.

    If you want a super strong, light weight fishing reel that has been tested to stack up to the challenge then purchase a Quantum Exo Fishing Reel.



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