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Halco Streaker Fishing Lure 20 grams

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Product Description

Halco Streaker Fishing Lure - 20 grams

The Halco Streaker Fishing Lure is an Australian favourite for an array of species and fishing scenarios. From the Surf and rocks to the river and even on the freshwater streams and impoundments there is a Halco Streaker in a weight to suit your needs. The list of species targeted with the Halco Streaker is endless.

The Halco Streaker 20 gram model is a small metal lure suited to targeting pelagic fish such as Bonito, Tailor, Australian Salmon, Mackerel, Trevally, Frigate Mackerel and other small Tuna species. It’s also a popular lure for Trout and Atlantic Salmon.

When it comes to pelagic fish nothing turns them on like a bubble trail! The Halco Streaker has a hole in the centre that creates an attractive bubble trail as it is retrieved with speed through the water. The Halco Streaker has 8 highly reflective sides putting of a flash that will attract fish from a distance.

When you combine this flash and bubble trail you have a lure any pelagic species would find irresistible. The Halco Streaker also has a small red plastic flap on the rear split ring. This red plastic piece flaps around behind the lure giving even more movement and helps produce even more strikes! When retrieved with speed the Halco streaker appears as a fleeing bait fish to the predators below and is sure to put any angler onto some explosive strikes and exciting fishing.

Features and Specifications

♦   Eight highly reflective sides to entice that predator you are targeting to strike the lure without hesitation.

♦   Plastic flap on rear split ring to add extra movement

♦   Centre hole produces exciting bubble trail

♦   Quality trebles and split rings

♦   A unique combination of flash, movement and bubble trail

♦   20 grams suited to all small to medium pelagic species

♦   A proven Australian favourite

♦   Tough metal material



♦   The unique combination of bubble trail and flash gives the Halco Streaker its second to none fish luring success. Its metal materials give this lure great casting distance and durability. The Halco streaker comes in sizes to suit any fishing for a massive list of species Australia wide and globally. It has a long standing proven reputation as a highly productive lure for all pelagic species and really is a must for any anglers lure collection.

What are you waiting for? Add to cart a Halco Streaker 20 gram fishing lure today and get set for some explosive results.


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