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Daiwa Tatula Baitcster Fishing Reels

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    Product Description

    Daiwa Tatula H Baitcaster Reels For Sale

    The Daiwa Tatula H Series Reels puts you into the top shelf group of baitcaster features while still maintaining a price that is accessible. For many anglers, the baitcaster is the reel of the connoisseur, the grown up, the angler that has learned to hunt for fish as opposed to cast whatever at the water on a wing and a prayer. The technology in baitcaster reels is the stuff of the space age. Here is where brute strength and power meet refined elegance, both in styling and performance. While it wears its heart on its sleeve it still manages to conceal some revolutionary engineering trickery that will offer new joys and surprises throughout its long working life.

    Replete with Daiwa flagship innovation, you will enjoy casting and cranking like never before. Magforce Z is the perfect marriage of the old and the new, mechanical breaking meats the modern magnetic technique and, together, provides an unrivalled casting experience that will more than enhance you fishing. Put the advanced TWS with this lot and the humble cast and retrieve becomes something very special.

    Of course Digigear is on board, as is Air Rotation. The combination of these technologies, together with 7 bearings provides a cranking experience that is all about smooth. You have to feel it to truly understand the joy. One thing is certain, this refinement does not come at the expense of brute power. With 6kg of UTD, you will have all the strength you need to subdue the most dogged competitor, stubborn, angry and totally reluctant to capitulate.

    The Daiwa Tatula H Reels allows you to dictate terms. Don’t take belligerence from unruly fish. Settle the score with a flurry of refined power or enjoy the confidence to inflict patience when size of your advisory starts getting beyond that which you’d expected. Fish hard with the Daiwa Tatula H Series Reel. There are 3 models from which to choose from when ordering with the 100H coming in left and right hand. For speed go for the HS, for cranking power hit the 100P. Whichever Daiwa Tatula H baitcaster Reel you decide on, your fishing grin will be impossible to remove. For sale now.

    Features and Specifications


    ModelGear RatioLine per crank (cm)Line Capacity MonoLine Cap Braid
    100P 5.4:1 58 5.4kg/135m, 7.2kg/90m 130m/40lb
    100H 6.3:1 67 5.4kg/135m, 7.2kg/90m 130m/40lb
    100HL (left hand) 6.3:1 67 5.4kg/135m, 7.2kg/90m 130m/40lb
    100 HS 7.3:1 77 5.4kg/135m, 7.2kg/90m 130m/40lb

    ♦   Ball Bearings: 7+1

    ♦   Approx Weight: 225 Grams

    ♦   Daiwa Technology inclusions such as; Real Four, Daiwa Digigear, Magforce Z, Ultimate Tournament trag, T-Wing and more.

    ♦   Construction: Aluminium frame as well as side plate made of aluminium

    ♦   Star drag and 90mm Swept crank handle

    ♦   Max drag: approx 6kg



    ♦   6kg of Ultimate Tournament Drag coupled with very generous line capacities give you all the time in the world or the ability to turn heads fast should you need to keep your battle from ending prematurely in the snags.

    ♦   TWS plus Magforce Z equals a casting experience that has to felt to be appreciated. It doesn’t get better in this glass. Sheer engineering genius.

    ♦   The Aluminium frame and side plate provide corrosion protection as well as provide incredible strength and rigidity.

    ♦   Ergonomics are exemplary. All adjustments are via fingertip control. The Long arm ratcheted star drag provides easy access for adjustment mid fight.

    ♦   The 90mm Swept crank handle turns the combo of Digigear and Air Rotation is seamless perfection, Smooth as silk.

    Choose a Daiwa Tatula H Baitcaster Reel and revel in a new way of fishing that blends stealth, power and creamy smooth performance with brute strength. For your hard earned fishing dollar, it doesn’t get any better than this, just different.

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