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Fishing Swivels


Fishing Swivels For Sale – See our range below including popular favourites such as brass barrel, ball bearing, snap and Crossline.

Rods and reels command much of our attention, which is understandable. However, you should also take the time to evaluate every component of your fishing gear. This is where having the best fishing swivels will come in. Basically, a good fishing swivel will help to minimise line twist and make your angling experience much easier.

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Brass Barrel Swivels

Brass Barrel Swivels For Sale - See our range of sizes here. These are the our best selling range that we sell.

Brass Snap Swivels

Brass Snap Swivels - A popular pick if you want to quickly and conveniently change your hooks or lures.

Black Snap Swivels

Black Snap Swivels - Great for those wanting to change their hooks or lures - just in black colour for those that prefer black.

Crane Swivels

Crane Swivels - A stronger style swivel suitable for heavier fishing styles.

Crossline 3 way swivels

Crossline 3 way swivels - Great for when you want to run a sinker or hook off to the side.

Ball bearing Swivels & Snaps

Ball bearing Swivels & Ball Bearing Snaps - A heavy duty quality range of swivels often popular for boat fishing and trolling



Crane Swivels  – Fundamentally, a crane swivel is quite similar to the design of its barrel counterpart. How they differ, though, is that the crane design can potentially last longer and are more heavy duty.

Snap Swivels -  Investing in a snap swivel will be the most effective approach if you plan to use a fishing lure that will be spinning on the end of your line. This swivel will enable you to prevent the line from spinning wildly under the influence of the lure. 

Ball Bearing Swivels A ball bearing swivel is a crucial addition to your setup and are ideally for boat fishing and trolling. The presence of the ball bearing will minimise line twist and make it easier to reel in your catch.

Barrel Swivels By connecting a barrel swivel between your main line and leader line, you can help to prevent your fishing rig from becoming horribly twisted. Excessive line twist will only force you to attach a new leader and take time away from fishing.