Zman Grubz 2 inch Soft Plastic Lures

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Zman grubz 2 inch  Size – Great for Bream, Whiting and other river and lake fish species (packet of 10 lures)

Pro anglers demand a lure that that owns finesse fishing. Pro anglers are incredibly specific about the qualities of a lure destined for light rigs and the pressure of competition. The Zman grubz 2 inch fits the bill perfectly and hence the demand for these little wonder lures is shooting off the scale. This means one thing for all of us. We best purchase a pack if we want to maximise our chances of bagging out on quality targets.

The Zman Grub 2 inch is the complete Bream magnet. They will dart out of there protective structure and swallow them whole. There is no such thing as the timid inquiry, they attack as if their life depends on it and will rarely fail to get the whole thing in their mouths. The saltwater anglers will also get incredible action from Whiting and Flathead, again the attacks will be aggressive as they are not inquiring, the decision has been made to consume.  For the Freshwater anglers you can expect outstanding results fishing for Bass, Redfin, Yellow Belly and Trout.

There are a few smaller jig heads that will fit up perfectly to the Zman grubz 2 inch (not included). You can refine your outfit to suit whether and conditions and casting requirements. Working your grub is up to you. The action is phenomenal whether you choose to impart plenty of rod work or let gravity and current do the work for you. Many a strike happens on the pause as while the lure slowly floats up the tail still moves in a very seductive way.

The Elaztech construction means that Zman Grubz soft plastic fishing lures are up to 10X tougher than other soft plastics. Rig up once, and so long as you don’t bust up on a snag or prehistoric monster, you’ll hopefully finish your session on the one lure with a full live tank and a plastic that looks and behaves as if brand new. The durability is sensational and that means you save money and you save time rigging.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Single tail grub pattern
  • Length: 2 inch
  • Construction: Elaztech Soft Plastic
  • Qty: 8 per pack
  • Price is for 1 packet only. Choose colour option when ordering
  • Suitable For saltwater fishing as well as freshwater fishing in lakes and rivers for species such as bream, Australian bass, trout, perch, whiting and flathead.

Recommended Jig Heads & Hook Sizes (not included)

  • TT HeadlockZ Jig head Sizes #4, #2 or #1 sized hook
  • TT Hidden Weight Jig head hook sizes - #2, #1


  • Brilliant on common species in the fresh and salt making it a versatile soft plastic lure to have in your lure kit.
  • Elaztech construction provides unrivalled durability saving you money as you get more casts and more fish per lure
  • The 2 inch size is ideal for enticing large Bream from structure.
  • The unique floating quality allows the Zman 2 inch grub lure to rise with enticing action.
  • Incredibly soft plastic feels real to fish. They likely swallow whole securing more hook ups

Zman grubz 2 inch is a regular contender in the pro tournament scene. Take a leaf from the book of successful pros who demand the best under pressure and put a packet of Zman grubz 2 inch soft plastics in the top shelf of your tackle box.


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