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Zerek Live Mullet Lures

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Product Description

Zerek Live Mullet Lures

Clip on a Zerek Live Mullet Fishing Lure and get casting for a bigger class of fish. Whether you fish the saltwater or the fresh stuff, and especially if you frequent both, the Zerek Live Mullet Lures are begging for a prime position in your big fish lure arsenal.

The unique segmented design ensures an irresistible swim action that is incredibly easy to generate and maintain at peak. A simple straight retrieve at whatever speed you feel appropriate, is enough to set the water alight with some big fish action. Available in either 3.5 inch size or 5.5 inch size and in some amazing colours, Zerek Live Mullet lures for sale now will become a special for the like of Murray Cod, big Perch, Barramundi and Mulloway.

The secret is in connection of the segments which is achieved via Kevlar webbing. The webbing promotes a very natural swim action while remaining incredibly strong. The body itself, constructed from TPE Thermoplastic, is profoundly tough and ideal for soaking up aggressive attacks and the knocks and bumps from the structure. The strength is enhanced even more by the unique through wire connecting tow point to hook. You will be very pleased to have this feature on your side as you pull a monster Murray Cod from the structure and entanglement.

The Zerek Live Mullet is beautifully detailed and amazingly realistic. If you want to maximise your chances of a trophy size fish on your next expedition, make sure you have a selection of Zerek Live Mullet sizes and colours in your lure arsenal.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in either 3.5 inch size / 18 grams or 5.5 inch size / 35 grams
  • Life-like 3D eyes and detailed finishes
  • One-piece wire frame connects the tow point to the hook hanger
  • Segments held together with a Kevlar webbing
  • Constructed from TPE Thermoplastic
  • Unique segmented design

Note: Price is for one Zerek mullet lure only and price varies depending on which size you choose to purchase, multiple references in images are for illustrative purposes only.

Zerek Live Mullet Buyers Guide

Suitable for saltwater or freshwater fishing styles, consider purchasing the 3.5 inch size if you are targeting species such as yellowbelly perch, big flathead, Australian salmon, threadfin salmon, snapper, average trevally species, spangled emperor and any other freshwater or saltwater fish species you can think of that will happily engulf and would eat a bait of around 9cm in size.

The 5.5 inch size is our recommendation and best seller for those that in particular are chasing murray cod, barramundi, queenfish, kingfish, tuna, cobia, mulloway, mahi mahi, and larger trevally species.


  • The ingenious segmented design delivers and incredibly life like swimming action that the fish cannot resist.
  • The segments are held together with Kevlar webbing ensuring a super strong connection yet the freedom to swim naturally.
  • The one-piece internal wire ensures unparalleled strength to ensure your hook-up remains attached and your lure intact as you wrestle large fish from the structure.
  • The TPE thermoplastic construction provides all the strength your need to target large species.
  • Big and life-like with an enticing natural swim action, the Zerek Live Mullet will work brilliantly in any waters that large fish inhabit.
  • Extremely easy to use via a simple straight retrieve. Varying the speed is all you need to do, the natural action takes care of all the presentation.

Zerek Live Mullet Lures are a brilliant concept in fishing lures. The segmented body provides and irresistible action all fish will be climbing over each other to attack. If you target large species in the salt and fresh, the Zerek Live Mullet is a must have for the top shelf of your lure kit.

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