Shimano Squid Jigs Sephia Egixile

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Shimano Squid Jigs Sephia Egixile

Shimano tapped into the squid fishing market several years ago now and introduced a range of Sephia Squid Jigs for sale. This market proved to be successful, the range of colours was amazing and it was especially colour 14T that saw the sales for Shimano Squid Jigs explode to new heights.

Whilst our sales of the jigs have been amazing Shimano thought, what can we do to make the Sephia Egixile jigs even better! The new 2017 released model was born (and still current) which sees many of your favourite colours still in the range including that ever popular 14T along with some great looking new squid catching colours.

So, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between the 2017 released model and the older range of Shimano Squid Jigs? Well the biggest difference now is they are designed to catch more squid with the introduction of the Warm Jacket by Yamashita. Extensive research shows that squid can detect various changes in temperature variation, the warm jacket was developed that allows any form of light be it sun or artificial light from a torch to be transmitted into heat and the warm jacket holds this heat like that of a natural bait fish. As the thermo energy emitted from the warm jacket is often slightly variant to the water temperature if there are any squid in the area they are more likely to recognize this temperature difference and be compelled to investigate compared to other standard squid jigs that do not have warm jacket technology. So, long story short Shimano Squid Jigs are now enhanced to further attract the attention of squid which in turn hopefully ends up with you better positioned to catch more squid.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Shimano Sephia Egixile Squid Jig
  • Available in either standard (or we do have a select few with rattles too)
  • Now incorporates warm cloth jacket
  • Japanese Stainless-steel squid hook crowns SUS 304 rating

Sizes available

  • 2.5 size / 83mm / 10 grams
  • 3.0 size / 99mm / 15 grams
  • 3.5 size / 116mm / 20 grams

Squid Fishing Tips

Where: Squid are fun to catch especially when you find a patch of them. Some of the best places to start squid fishing are around sea weed beds or sea grass. They can also be found around reefs, rocks and anywhere where there is an abundant food source coupled with structure for them to take refuge. They are also attracted to human construction. Places like harbours and marinas, bridges, oyster leases breakwaters and under boat hulls of moored boats.

When: Squid cruise around a little outside of their comfort zone in the morning as well as the evening, as such we find that these are the best times to fish for squid. However, it is not uncommon for squid to be caught throughout the day though expect to find them more so in deeper locations or heavily weeded and structured areas.


  • Warm Jacket is now included which transmits light into heat via Yamashita technology warm cloth. Now you are better positioned to catch even more squid since squid recognize temperate differentiations.
  •  Shimano squid Jigs are designed with the most ideal sink rate to best replicate the action of that which forms a squid’s diet… small baitfish or prawn.
  • Japanese SUS 304 rated stainless-steel squid hook crowns are included to offer the best penetration and resistance to rapid saltwater deterioration.

There are only a few bestselling squid jig ranges that we sell here at Fishing Tackle Shop and Shimano Squid Jigs Sephia Egixile brand is one of them especially in colour 14T.  If your wallet allows it though we suggest purchasing a range as what works well one day may not work as well the next. For sale now and at fantastic online pricing, purchase a Shimano Squid Jig Sephia Egixile here today.


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