Shimano Sephia Clinch Long Appeal Squid Jig

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Shimano Sephia Clinch Long Appeal Squid Jig For Sale

Egi anglers, take note! We’re thrilled to announce the ingeniously designed Shimano Sephia Clinch Long Appeal Squid Jig is now in stock and ready to order online at Fishing Tackle Shop. This squid jig is engineered to take your jigging adventures up a notch.

Shimano pulled out all the stops when creating the Sephia Clinch Long Appeal, fusing innovative technologies to help overcome the common trade-off between casting distance and sink rate. The outcome is a versatile squid jig granting the best of both worlds, enabling you to reach distant squid haunts with ease before enticing them with an irresistibly slow sink.

The key to its impressive casting distance stems from Shimano’s clever Jet Boost system. This shifting internal weight optimises the jig for superior distance, empowering casts up to 50 metres depending on conditions and technique. Such extended range lets you explore expansive productive squid territory typically beyond the reach of normal squid jigs.

Yet despite its talent for long-distance casting without heavy weight, the Shimano Sephia Clinch Long Appeal Squid Jig does not compromise on sink rate. It boasts an ultra-slow 4.2-7.4 sec/per metre sink rate (depending on the model you purchase). This prolongs lure action in the prime bite zone, maximising precious retrieval time for more hook-ups.

Shimano also implemented their cutting-edge Flash Boost reflector technology to make the Sephia Clinch even more tempting for lurking squid. The meticulously angled surface brilliantly reflects faint light to produce vivid flashes acting as a beacon, luring curious squid from afar. This intense shimmer complements the jig's intricately detailed Scale Boost finishes, realistically imitating small baitfish to instigate instinctual strikes.

With the Sephia Clinch Long Appeal, you truly receive the full package. Excellent casting distance meets ultra-slow sink rate and unparalleled fish-attracting flash for awesome effectiveness across diverse conditions. Whether working over shallow weed beds or probing the depths of rocky channels, this adaptable squid jig has the versatility to thrive.

Features and Specifications:

  • Available sizes: 3.0 and 3.5
  • Weights: 13g (3.0) / 17g (3.5)
  • Optimised for outstanding casting distance
  • Ultra-slow 4.2-7.4 sec/m sink rate prolongs action
  • Jet Boost shifts weight for incredible casting distance
  • Flash Boost reflector produces vivid flashes to draw squid in
  • Scale Boost finishes precisely mimic small baitfish
  • Tin weight construction
  • High-strength hooks securely hold squid after strikes

Note: The price displayed is for a single Shimano Sephia Clinch Long Appeal Squid Jig only. Please select the colour of your choice when making your online purchase.

How does the Sephia Clinch casting distance compare to other jigs?

With its innovative Jet Boost system, the Sephia Clinch achieves substantially more distance than conventional jigs, reaching squid grounds up to 50 metres away. However, casting distance can vary depending on several factors, including weather, line used and other factors.

Why is an ultra-slow sink rate beneficial when jigging for squid?

A lethargic sink like the Sephia Clinch maximises lure time in the prime bite zone, giving squid an extended opportunity to notice and engulf the jig.

What do the Flash Boost and Scale Boost technologies provide?

Flash Boost amplifies reflections for eye-catching flashes that summon squid from distances. Scale Boost replicating small baitfish profiles and scales triggers reaction bites from squid.

Ready to Advance Your Squid Fishing? - Buy Online

The ingeniously designed Shimano Sephia Clinch Long Appeal Squid Jig is set to take jigging for big squid up a level. Blending the ideal balance of improved casting distance and compelling action, it's the ultimate versatile squid jig for exploring new productive territory with ease. Don't delay getting on this innovative new offering before someone scoops it up. Available online now at Fishing Tackle Shop!


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