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Profishent Tackle Face Sock For Sale

Caps a great, but they don’t cut it as far as complete sun protection is concerned. You might think a broad-brimmed hat has you covered too. Great for the rays coming from above, but what about reflection from the water?

The Profishent Tackle Face Sock is for sale at the fishing tackle shop, and it should be considered mandatory kit for keeping harmful sun rays from your face, neck and head.

The lightweight breathable fabric is very comfortable, fitting like a second skin. While it keeps the UV’s from damaging your skin, it also protects your face against windburn.

It’s possible to wear your Profishent Tackle Face Sock-in a variety of configurations. Wear it as a sweatband, wear it as a full-face cover or wear it on your neck, a bodily part, so many of us forget to protect from the sun. For those of you with long hair, the face sock is a brilliant headband or scrunchy, keeping annoying hair out of your face.

If you’re taking an afternoon nap, you can use it to cover your eyes, reducing the suns penetration, for restorative rest.

The fabric is easy to maintain and is machine washable. A face sock is inexpensive, considering the protection it affords.

Importantly, the -Profishent-Tackle Face Sock-has fishing performance advantages as well. The face sock can increase the performance of your polaroids by eliminating the glare that comes from your face, that often obscures vision. This is a wonderful benefit for spot fishing, or navigating the shallows.

Most of us have experienced how wind and sun significantly increase fatigue. During long sessions on the water, fatigue will undoubtedly take the gloss of a fun day out on the water. Reducing the impact of the sun and wind, particularly on your face, reduces fatigue.

A -Profishent-Tackle Face Sock is essential kit. Being sun smart is critical to a long and healthy life of fishing. While you’re getting a face sock for yourself, throw a couple more in your trolley and make sure the entire family has one. It’s an excellent gift for your fishing buddies as well, particularly the ones that are less than diligent with sun care.

Features and Specifications

  • Offers better protection against Sun UV
  • Offers resistance to wind burn
  • Light weight breathable fabric
  • Available in either Blue Camo or Green Camo Colour
  • Brand: Profishent Tackle
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Can be worn in many different configurations:  Over head and face, as a sweat band, around neck or they can even be worn in a band format over the eyes to help you sleep when it's light.

Note: Price is for one Profishent Tackle Face sock only. Multiple images are for illustration only. Choose colour desired when placing your order.


  • When used in conjunction with sunscreen and a hat, the face sock protects your face, head and neck from windburn and harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Makes a great undoubtedly or scrunchy for unruly long hair.
  • Enhances spot fishing and navigation by increasing the performance of your polaroid sunnies due to reduced glare coming from your face.
  • Ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities where there is exposure to wind and sun.
  • The -Profishent-Tackle Face Sock-is affordable and comfortable protection from the elements. Anybody who spends time in the sun and wind should consider themselves under-protected without one. Get yours now. We recommend two, so you always have a spare.

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