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Zerek Shrimp Lure (50mm Size)

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Product Description

Zerek Live Shrimp Lure 50mm Size

There are plenty of plastic Shrimp lures or prawn lures out there and for the most part they’re not much more than shelf filler. The 50mm Zerek Live Shrimp however, is a master mimic, presenting a prawn action and behaviour that is yet to be rivalled in the market. We haven’t met a fish that would turn a good prawn down. Such a beast is unlikely to exist. The prawn is probably the most widely eaten bait across Australia and the 50 mm Zerek Live Shrimp does the best prawn impersonation this side of the equator.

Rig up light to cast it long but expect the larger, more robust of your target species to attack it. Never mind the tough battle ahead, that’s what you’re there for. Who cares if a 6 kilo Mulloway interrupts your session fishing for pan size flathead. Just have a decent net handy to ensure the battle ends in a happy snap. It always hurts to see 15 minutes of hard argument end at the gunwale in a contemptuous splash.

There isn’t a fish we wouldn’t cast a Zerek live Shrimp to. What’s more, every one we cast to we would expect him to eat it. While the sky is the limit with your Zerek, we would recommend hunting Flathead, Trevally, Snapper and don’t for a moment think it’s too big for a Bream. By the time your average Bream hits 20cm he is already biting off far more than her can chew.

The action is perfect, the construction faultless. Grab one or a selection of 50mm Live Shrimp colours and cast them into your shopping trolley.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 50mm
  • Weight: Approx6.5g
  • Comes pre-rigged with weighted weedless hook
  • Unique segmented tail held together by Kevlar matting to give durability and life-like action
  • In-built rattle chamber
  • Unique moving leg action
  • Can be re-rigged with standard jig head or worm hook
  • Unique Rigging slots in the body


  • Attractive to all fish that enjoy the prawn as part of their staple diet.
  • Perfect for throwing into the snags where the fish are holding. The pre-rigged with weighted weedless hook is super snag resistant.
  • The life like actions and colour range are enhanced by the internal rattle. Fish attracting qualities are covered on all levels inspiring activity from a distance
  • The action really is incredible. The Unique moving leg action seals the deal making the Zerek the perfect imposter.
  • Exchange the pre-rigged jig head for your own to refine your rig to conditions and target.

Few prawn plastics can match the lifelike action of the 50mm Zerek Live Shrimp. From small Mulloway to Flathead or whatever you chase in the salt, the Zerek will attract an aggressive inquiry setting your reel screaming and your rod bending.

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