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Zerek Cavalla Lures Long Cast Minnow

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Product Description

Zerek Cavalla Lures – Long cast fishing lures – great for rock fishing, beach fishing or boating

Most saltwater anglers will hunt pretty well any fish in any conditions. For many, fishing is better described as an addiction for which there is absolutely no path to rehabilitation. The average angler, hunting all types of fish any day of the week needs a lure collection that suits this default setting of targeting anything that swims. From poppers to soft plastics, diversity is key and this is where Zerek Cavalla Lures come into their own.

The unique design provides a minnow profile that swims like a minnow yet casts like a metal slice and sinks really fast. This saltwater specialty lure operates anywhere in the water column and is particularly useful for casting in difficult weather or surface conditions or for getting down deep when the fish are hanging low.

Creating a list of targets would seem futile. Essentially, if it swims, if it’s a predator and includes significant numbers of baitfish in its staple then the Zerek Cavalla will prove very appealing. From your boat you can cast and troll for pelagics, wherever they’re hanging in the water column. Cast from the rocks as well and take regular surface feeders from the wash. Again, The Cavalla will prove ideal when it’s a little rough and you really want to get some casting distance.

Rocky headlands, Bays and Harbours will be ideal spots for Tailor, Salmon and Kingfish. The limit is your imagination. The impetus will be the conditions. While an excellent long casting fishing lure on a perfect day it will reach legend status when things roughen up. For a complete selection in your lure kit, ensure it includes a couple of Zerek Cavalla Lures. The price is up there but worth every penny.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 115mm long
  • Weight: 45g
  • Depth: Fish deep or shallow
  • Troll speed: Up to 15 knots
  • Hooks: 2 x treble
  • Through wire construction
  • Ideal for throwing from rocks, beach or from a boat. Will suit a wide range of species including Salmon, Tailor, Kingfish, Mackerel, Bonito, small Tuna and so much more.

Note: Images for illustration only - price is for 1 lure. Choose which colour when ordering.


  • Minnow profile and swims like a minnow but has outstanding casting length.
  • Brilliant for trolling or casting.
  • Outstanding flexibility. The Zerek Cavalla Lure will run successfully anywhere in the water column to target a larger array of fish species.
  • Sinks fast and works well down in the depths.
  • An ideal lure choice for rough conditions, particularly when trolling.

The Zerek Cavalla lure is a uniquely designed diver in that it is a minnow with the casting attributes of a metal slice. The life like colours and finish will make it a deadly weapon against all predatory species. They’re for sale here at Fishing Tackle Shop.

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