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UV Blast Ultraviolet Lure Spray

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Product Description

UV Blast Spray - Ultraviloet Fishing Lure Spray

If they can’t see it, they can’t bite it. This is a fairly obvious statement about the visibility of lures. Nonetheless, it is worth reminding anglers of the critical nature of visibility. You can rest assured, lure designers place tremendous importance on the visual qualities of their lures. The multitude of colours and patterns is certainly testament to this. The latest in lure design includes UV enhancement. This is a process during manufacturing, where a process imparts a UV reflective quality on the lures to make them stand out, particularly during times of low light, at depth or when the water is murky.

UV enhanced lures are often more expensive and the majority of lures are not UV enhanced. Now, with Ultraviolet UV Spray, you can give your lures the qualities of a UV enhanced fishing lure with a simple spray. UV Blast Spray comes in a neat, 4oz pump spray that will make you lure reflect far more UV light with a simple coating, and therefore, far more visible. The spray is not scented, sticky or tacky but it will stay on your lure for up to 70 casts. Most anglers fish at dawn and dusk, times of very low light. With UV Blast Spray, you will see your fishing lures reflecting far more ambient light. You will see it, but more importantly, the fish will see it. There are a few UV enhancement products on the market but not all are created equally. Make sure you get the best, get UV Blast Spray. Their results are proven and the visual difference it adds to your fishing lures is remarkable. Get UV Blast Spray and splash out and be seen.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in a 4oz plastic pump spray bottle with lid
  • Adds Ultraviolet UV Coating to your lure


  • Ensures your lure is more visible to fish during times of little and even no light.
  • Fish the light - poor depths with greater results as your Blast coated lure reflects the little light there is down deep.
  • Enhances your lures visibility in murky waters.
  • One coat lasts about 70 casts making it incredibly economical.

Fish hunt using all of their senses, and vision is critical. Lure manufacturers spend a tremendous amount of time ensuring their lures are coloured to be visible. Being seen is half the battle under the water, and a great way to make sure your lures are seen is to spray on a coat of UV Blast Spray. Get serious about being seen in low light, and coat your lures with UV Blast Spray. Now you’ve seen the light, let the fish see it too.

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