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Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid

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Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid Fishing Attractant

Adding a UV element to your lure will dramatically increase your chances of getting strikes. Many fish species can see ultraviolet light, so making your lure beam in their faces is a surefire way to get more hits on your lures and fish landed.

Pro-Cure has long been recognized for its scents and attractants that work effectively. Our customers love Pro-Cure's offerings, we sell out regularly, and our customers demand it! The Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid is an excellent new attractant if you want something different to add to your tackle box.

Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid is the perfect addition to any angler's lure collection. The product transforms any lure into a high-vis, UV-emitting fish magnet. It makes for the perfect missing element to other non-UV-based fish attractant gels and is also great for use on squid or bait jigs.

Features and Specifications:

  • Highly Powerful UV Liquid
  • Enhance any bait or lure
  • Significantly increases visibility to fish that see Ultra Violet
  • 2oz squeeze bottle (also available in an 8oz bulk bottle)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions relating to Pro-Cure UV Liquid and fishing attractants.

Q) Does Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid work with bait?

A) It sure does; you can add a few drops to your bait to increase the visibility and attract fish! A little will go far, so you can smear a drop or two on a pilly or a piece of Californian squid and expect great results.

Q) Can I use this on lures that are already UV-emitting?

A) You can, but it's not necessary. The Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid will significantly increase the visibility of lures that don't have a UV element to them.

Q) Can I use this in saltwater?

A) Yes, the Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid is effective in fresh and salt water.

Q) Will this product work with squid jigs?

A) UV is also a decisive advantage when Squidding. Squid certainly sees UV, and many brands of jigs promote this. The right amount of Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid applied to your squid jig will help it stand out and get more hits.

Q) How Long will Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid Last?

A) The Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid will typically last several cast and retrieves in the water. However, it is best to re-apply the liquid every once in a while. Another handy tip is to infuse any gel or slime-based fishing attractant with Pure UV for a longer-lasting effect.

Q) What is the best way to apply Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid?

A) For lures and bait, we recommend using a small amount on your finger and then rubbing it on the desired area. You could even use a soft-bristled toothbrush to apply a minimal amount of Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid to your lures to avoid using your fingers.

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If you are ready to try this product, you can purchase Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid at our online store. We offer fast dispatch and have earned thousands of positive reviews from happy customers.


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