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Seahorse Ball Sinker Moulds

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Product Description

Seahorse ball Sinker moulds for Sale

Take a look in the shed and you’ll find your old tackle box that holds a heap of tackle that you will never likely use yet didn’t quite have the heart to toss. There is a large hand reel spooled with ancient 100kg mono your great grandfather used as a special for Whiting. The Whiting didn’t stand a chance, nor would a hippo with the teeth of a T-Rex. Early mono was pretty thick. Under this reel however is a load of old lead, and this could be put to much better use.

As you don’t have a boat, the kilo plus snapper sinkers are of no use to you. There are ball sinkers there big enough to be used in high rise demolition. This is what your Great grandfather used for the Whiting and there is a small handful of scrap lead flashing sitting in the shed corner. When all is said and done you measure 7 kilograms of scrap lead. A perfect resource that sits waiting to be put to good use.

Purchase the Seahorse Ball Sinker Moulds and you will be able to turn useless old lead into perfectly good sinkers. Making sinkers is simple. Lead melts at 327 degrees so you certainly don’t need industrial style smelting equipment in your workshop. Melting pots and other equipment are available for sale. Remember, hot lead is dangerous. Make sure you have appropriate protection and always ensure there is excellent ventilation.

The Seahorse Ball Sinker Moulds come in a great range of sizes covering the most popular ball sinker applications, from Size zero being the smallest to Size 10 as the largest. Take a look in the tackle shops, sinkers are expensive and they’re not ever going to get any cheaper. Purchase the Seahorse Ball Sinker moulds and sinker making equipment and in a very short time it will have paid for itself.

Features and Specifications

  • Prices vary depending on which mould you choose. To see the price for the size mould you require simply click that size from our ordering menu and an updated price will display for that size. Price is for 1 mould only – choose size required when ordering.
  • Seahorse sinker moulds are made durable

Note images for illustration purpose only - sizes of images are not to scale.

Size/sinkers per mould

  • Size 0 = 10 sinkers
  • Size 1 = 9 sinkers
  • Size 2 = 8 Sinkers
  • Size 3 = 8 Sinkers
  • Size 4 = 7 Sinkers
  • Size 5 = 6 Sinkers
  • Size 6 = 6 Sinkers
  • Size 7 = 5 Sinkers
  • Size 8 = 5 Sinkers
  • Size 9 = 5 Sinkers
  • Size 10 = 5 Sinkers


  • Sinkers are expensive. Save a heap of cash making your own.
  • Make use of the old sinkers you have laying around that you don’t use saving you cash.

Become a well kitted out angler and make your own sinkers. The equipment is inexpensive, dirt cheap in fact, you’ll save a ton of money making your own. You’ll also wear the grin of pride that says, I made these myself with my Seahorse Ball Sinker Mould.

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