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Pro Lure Crank Diver Bream Lures

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Product Description

Pro Lure Crank Hard body Diver Lure (Choose from Shallow S36 or Deep D36)

While their soft plastic might be their staple, for Pro Lure, it is their Crank Hard body Diver Lure that is their pride and joy. Tweaked to within an inch of its life this is the fishing lure that is designed for the tournament bream angler to get the edge over their opponents when the pressure is on. When a podium finish is at stake, pride and prize money on the line, a single gram of fish can make the difference between winning and losing. That’s where the D36 and S36 Crank come into their own.

While many fish from Bass to Perch will devour a Pro Lure Crank, it is hands down a special for the Bream angler. If you really want to catch kilo and better Bream on a regular basis, (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) you really have to be tossing an S or D 36 at them to increase your chances.

The “D” is for deep and the “S” is for shallow. Depending on the conditions and the season, you really have to cover the full water column. When it gets cool, Bream tend to hang pretty low, the D is a must. Conversely, during the summer, the ubiquitous Australian Bream will hunt right up to the top water, regularly taking surface lures. Work your 36 Crank with a slow roll and don’t be afraid to bump him into the structure with some caution.

If your budget allows why not purchase one of each and cover your bases with both. Make sure also that you have a selection of colours for better chances. Target structure, like racks, weed beds, and sand flats with your S36 when the water is shallow, around the 1 meter mark. When you’re looking for deeper mud beds, and drop offs, tie on your D36. Whichever you fishing, it is critical that you fish as light as possible. 3 to 8 lb braid with a 4 to 6 pound fluoro leader is the ideal recommendation. Clearly, this is a lure designed for the finesse angler. The Pro Lure Crank Hard body Diver Lure for sale now is a top shelf crank of class and distinction, worthy of the tackle boxes of the most experienced tournament pro or discerning dedicated bream hunter.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Choose either Hard Body Tournament Crank D36 (deep) S36 (shallow) when ordering
  • Ideal for targeting Bream, Australian Bass, Redfin and other perch, flathead and more.
  • Length: 36MM
  • Weight: D36, 4.1g or S36, 3.8g
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Depth: D36: 1.6-2m or S36: 0.4-1.2m.
  • Hooks: Decoy Y-s25 size 14
  • Technique: Slow roll, Jerk, slow retrieve
  • Recommended Rig: Ultra-Light to Light. 4- 6lb Fluoro leader. Suitable for mono and Braid

Note: images are for illustration only. Price is for 1 lure. Select your colour and depth when ordering.



  • This is pure tournament performance for when only the very best lure available will do.
  • Also Brilliant for Bass, and trout in the fresh water lakes.
  • A dedicated finesse fishing special for the most discerning accomplished anglers.
  • The perfect lure for attracting the biggest Bream and Bass in our inshore waters.
  • Australian design, based on Australian insight and fishing knowledge.

The Pro Lure Crank Hard body Diver Lure gives you a ticket to record size Bream. The lure is proven by our most competitive tournament anglers. Do you have what it takes to catch Bream the likes of which most anglers will never see? With the Pro Lure D/S36, you have your chance.

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