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Primus Fridge Transit Model Camping Fridges & Freezer

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Product Description

Primus Fridge / Freezers Transit Model

If you don’t know Primus, there is a good chance you have never been camping. The Primus brand is synonymous with camping and the outdoors. As their tag line says, “A part of peoples adventures since 1892.” The portable, transportable or camping fridge, or whatever name by which you know it, is now part of an incredibly competitive market. There are many brands begging for your custom, and all brands tell you how reliable and unbreakable their fridges are. Primus don’t have to rely on gimmick and slogan, they stand by a reputation that has endured over 100 years. You can rest assured, a primus fridge will be durable, sturdy, long lasting and work tirelessly to spec. If it’s primus, you know it works. The 31, 40 and 50 litre portable fridge freezers will totally change the way you keep your perishables while camping. For that matter, you may well find yourself including a whole range of fresh foods you would otherwise left off the camping menu. Importantly, with a Primus fridge Freezer, you will no longer have to rely on your esky and ice.

It doesn’t matter how good your esky is, your ice will eventually melt. You need to manage your perishables strictly, to ensure you minimise spoilage, and prevent water ingress as a result of melting ice. These hassles are immediately overcome forever when you include a Primus fridge freezer as part of your kit. And, it need not be just a camping fridge freezer. Keep it in use as a backup at home. Use it for BBQ’s, take your drinks and food out to the yard and save yourself the countless trips back into the kitchen. Use it as a dedicated beer fridge or a dedicated bait and fish freezer.

Running on AC and battery power, the Primus Fridge Freezer is a versatile piece of kit that will completely change the way you look at portable refrigeration. Forget the old ice box, get yourself a Primus Fridge Freezer and take it with you on all of your outdoor adventures.

primus camping fridge freezer

Features and Specifications

  • Primus transit portable fridge freezers are available in 31, 40 and 50 litre (please select a size from our order menu to view price for that particular size)
  • Price is for 1 only - choose your size when ordering
  • Polypropylene exterior construction that is resistant to impacts
  • Control panel : Digital
  • Temperature adjustment control - Electronic
  • Eco and max models feature a high efficiency compressor
  • Power capabilities:12/24V DC as well as 240V AC power inputs
  • Primus transit fridges offer a 3 stage battery protection
  • Primus camping fridges have a LED light internally for viewing contents in the dark.
  • Handles are built tough and durable for longevity
  • Removable basket along with a divider is included so you can separate items.


  • With a primus camping fridge freezer in your kit you can forget about the need for multiple eskies for ice. Gone are the days of water logged foodstuffs.
  • Perfect for holding food and drinks for the entire family.
  • Ideal in the camper trailer, boat or leave permanently in your 4WD, or you could use it as a car fridge if you have the room and particularly if you have a dual battery setup.
  • No need for the all too common and familiar ice run, indeed, with the Primus, you can make your own.

Taking control of your perishable foodstuffs on camping trips has now become a whole lot easier. The Primus portable fridge freezers are robust and reliable and will keep you food and drinks cold, so long as your batteries are charged or power is available. If you have camping solar panels, you can keep the Primus Transit fridge going indefinitely. No more melted ice, hot drinks and spoiled food. The Primus fridge freezer should be a part of your regular outdoor adventure kit. They’re affordable, convenient and will enhance your outdoor experiences. The only decision to make, is what size primus fridge to get.



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