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Rome Camp Fire Cookware

Rome have been manufacturing magnificent cast iron outdoor cookware since 1965. For many a camper and camping family, cooking by the fire with Rome Cookware creates the foundation of many fond campfire memories.

That which we cook in the great Aussie wilderness stays with us. When we think of camping we think meals by the campfire, toasting our toes along with the marshmallows.

There’s something grounding about cooking with Rome. The feel and look of cast iron takes us back to an era before the disposable age. Great kit was built to last, where the jaffle you’re your grandparents used in their youth, is now used by your kids.

Rome continue the tradition of manufacturing beautiful cast iron cookware that is designed and built to last and designed and built to create wonderful campfire meals that become part of your camping folklore.

Check out the list of fabulous Rome cookware below. It’s time to treat yourself to a kitchen upgrade by adding some of the best campfire cookware available in Australia. Freshly backed bread? Maybe a hot panini. What about a double burger griller or an iron to bake a pie?

Select from the list below. If you can’t decide, maybe grab the lot. They’re priced to sell and when it arrives in the mail, it may inspire you to take your next camping trip early. Purchase your Rome Campfire Cookware for sale now.

Note:(Pieces are sold individually not as a kit, Images for reference only. Price varies depending on which item you select from our order menu)


Rome Bread Baker


There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread. It is especially wonderful when camping. The cast iron twin casting plates, hinged in the middle, are perfect for quick breads, corn bread, burritos and wraps or grilled sausages. Garlic bread anybody? Simply load the dough and place in the fire or on your BBQ. The cooking cavity is 12 inches long with a diameter of 1.5 inches. More than enough for the daily family bread needs.

The two steel handles are insulated by timber grips. At 30 inches long, you can keep more safely from the flame. Less chance of burns. This is a brilliant method for cooking bread on the open fire. Nothing tastes as delicious and nothing is quite so easy.

The Rome Camp Bread Baker comes with its own recipe and instruction manual. Rome Cookware demonstrates durability. Rome stands by their products and their ability to soak up the rugged Australian outdoors.

Features and Specifications

  • Construction: Cast Iron Camp Fire Cookware
  • Length: Cooking section 12 inches. Total to end handle 30 inches
  • Depth: Cooking section depth is 1.5 inches
  • Handle Construction: Steel with timber grips
  • Ideal for BBQ and open fire cooking


  • You can make freshly baked bread for every meal wherever you have a fire or BBQ
  • The hardwearing durable construction ensures you have it for a lifetime of use.
  • The cast iron construction ensures even heat distribution and even cooking for the perfect bread.
  • Insulated grips with 30 Inch handles help to mitigate against burns from open fires.
  • The Rome Camp Bread Baker is perfect for baking quick breads, corn bread, burritos and wraps or grilled sausages.


Rome Burger Griller


Want the easy way to make delicious burgers by the camp fire? The Rome Double Burger Griller is the finest method of delivering the tastiest his and hers burgers your imagination can create. The Rome double burger griller is a cast iron cooking legend in the style of the famous jaffle iron.

You can place the griller directly on the fire or place it on a BBQ. The griller turns out 1/3-pound patties. You can use beef, pork, fish or whatever. The 4 inch x 8 inch cooking surface is ideal. Cast iron creates and even heat distribution for perfect cooking. The Chrome plated steel rods have timber grips for insulated handling.

The Rome Double Burger Griller is built to last. Quality materials, design and construction ensures your Rome Griller will withstand a life time of family adventures. Check out the instruction manual with recipes for awesome fireside cooking ideas. Grab your Rome Double Burger Griller for sale now for the ultimate camp-side grill off.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: 4 inch x 8 inch grilling surface. Holds two patties 1/3 pound each. 28 inch overall
  • Construction: Cast iron cooking surface with Chrome plated handles and timber grips
  • Comes complete with an instruction and recipe manual


  • The easy way to grill burger patties using Camp Fire Cookware.
  • Brilliant design ensures just about anybody can cook with the griller.
  • Robust construction and built to last, the Griller will last a lifetime of camping.
  • Ideal for the open fire and works brilliantly on a BBQ.


Rome Pie Oven


Double the fun and double the tasty treat with the Rome Double Pie Oven. It’s really a Jaffle iron on steroids. The beauty of this fireside master is that you can whip a pie of any flavour, not just your favourite tostie.

Constructed from cast iron with chrome plated handles and timber grips for insulation, the Rome Double Pie Oven Camp Fire Cookware is built to last a lifetime of camp fire meals delivering awesome pies and perfect tosties. Cast iron delivers even heat distribution for the perfect result every time. All you need is a fire and your imagination to create delicious, warming meals, wherever you might be in the Aussie great outdoors. Check the manual for fabulous serving suggestions and recipes.

Rome have been creating camp side dining memories since the 60’s. Make Rome part of your camping traditions with the Rome Double Pie Oven for sale now. Grab a couple and feed the family.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: cooking surface measures 8.5 inch x 4.25 inch
  • Handles: Chrome plated with timber grips
  • Construction: Cast Iron
  • Makes two pies or tosties at a time


  • Brilliant for making pies and tosties.
  • Cast iron construction ensures perfect cooking and a long working life.
  • Easy to use, and strong enough to handle the knocks bumps and countless camp fire.
  • Timber grips ensures a sturdy handling with less chance of burns.
  • The manual provides you with a host of fabulous culinary suggestions.


Rome Panini Sandwich Press


So much more than a jaffle iron the Rome Panini Sandwich Press puts a little city class into your remote camping adventures. Beautiful Paninis are limited only by your imagination.

Constructed by sturdy and hardwearing cast iron your panini will cook perfectly every time with the iron providing uniform heat for perfect results. The 8 inch x 4 inch cooking surface allows for huge meal size paninis whether cooked on the open fire grill or BBQ.

The 22 inch handle is constructed from Chrome plated steel and finished with insulting timber handles. Easy and safe to use, the Rome Panini Sandwich Press for sale now will make the ideal addition to your camp kitchen. Grab one now and add perfect paninis to your camping menus.

Features and Specifications

  • Construction: Cast iron Cooking surface
  • Handles: Chrome Plated steel with timer grips
  • Size Cooking surface: 8 inch x 4 inch
  • Overall size: 22 inch
  • Comes complete with a recipe/instruction manual


  • Adds a new level of cooking class to you camping menus.
  • Robust construction materials ensure your press lasts a lifetime of camping.
  • Creates huge meal size paninis for hearty feasts on cool Aussie outdoor evenings.
  • So easy to use the kids can learn how to make their own dinner by the fire.
  • The manual provides a host of brilliant serving suggestions to expand your camp cheffing repertoire


Rome Waffle Irons


With Rome camping cookware you don’t have to leave home without waffles. The Rome Waffle Iron provides delicious waffles for breakfast every morning when you are camping in your favourite wilderness escape.

Add strawberries, cream, syrup or even chocolate. Maybe bacon and egg waffles. Whatever your waffle desires, you can have them cooked to perfection by the camp fire with the Rome Square Waffle Iron.

The Rome Waffle Iron makes rectangular shaped waffles that measure 3.5 inch x 6.5 inch. Including the handle, the iron measure a total of 30 inches. The handles are constructed from chrome plated steel. The grips are timber ensuring and insulated comfort near the hot fire.

Constructed to last, your Rome Waffle Iron will become an integral part of family camping memories over decades of fireside meals. As your waffle wonder is cast iron, you are assured of perfectly cooked waffles due to the perfect heat distribution. If you’re waffle people you must add a Rome Waffle Iron for sale now to your camping kitchen tool kit.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: makes rectangular shaped waffles that measure 3.5 inch x 6.5 inch
  • Handles: Chrome plated with timber grips
  • Total Size: 30 inches
  • Construction:     Cast Iron


  • Makes perfect waffles the family will love.
  • Brings a taste of home to the campsite fire.
  • Waffles are the perfect base for a huge range of delicious toppings.
  • The iron is constructed from hard wearing durable materials ensuring a long working life.
  • Cast iron provides perfect heat distribution for the perfect waffle result every time.

The Rome Camp fire Cookware listed above will add a whole new cooking dimension to your camping menus. Outstanding components and materials meet quality craftsmanship for a cooking range will get so used to, you will come to insist on Rome cooking products. Grab one or a selection from the list above or grab the lot. It’s priced to sell and begging for pride of place in your camp kitchen.


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