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Oztrail Tyre Deflator

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Product Description

Oztrail Tyre Deflator For Sale

Tyre pressure plays a critical role in your vehicles safety and handling. 4WD enthusiasts encounter tarmac, dirt, sand and mud. Each of these surfaces can vary significantly meaning that your tyre pressures need to be adjusted to match the conditions.

The most common process a 4Wdriver will face when heading off road will be to adjust the tyre pressure down. Sometimes, dirt, hard packed sand and lose gravel require only minimal deflation. Other times, and more often than not, sand can be so soft tyres need to be deflated a significant amount. If you have ever had to deflate your tyres while standing on the sun baked sand in 40 degree heat you will know that this process can take quite a while, particularly if all you have is your fingernail with which to manipulate the valve. One tyre takes ages to get right as you constantly stop and measure to see you have got it right.

OK, you’re now sunburnt, sweating profusely, your feet are burning and you’re about to pass out. Don’t worry, you only have 3 more tyres to do.

The Oztrail Tyre deflator does away with this time consuming nightmare. The tyre deflators are designed to remove the valve core so the air flows out fast and free and you can monitor the deflation in situ with the attached pressure gauge that gives you the control of 1 PSI increments. The gauge is very easy to read and the flexible tube connection allows for easy access to hard to get to valves due to the wheel type and position. It also protects you against over deflation which can become a major problem if you don’t have a portable or on-board compressor to re-inflate your tyres. Remember, having each tyre the same pressure is critical to your vehicles handling and your safety. With the Oztrail Tyre Deflator you can be assured of accuracy every time.

Features and Specifications

  • Offers impressively quick tyre deflation and easy removal of valve core
  • Easy to read gauge
  • 1 PSI increment ability
  • Digital gauge with rubber housing protection
  • Pouch for carrying included.


  • Spending half your holiday deflating your tyres and getting all 4 pressures matched and accurate every time the surface changes will be a distant memory
  • You can travel with confidence knowing your tyres are at the exact pressure you want them. If they’re not, you can adjust them easily
  • Super easy to use and incredibly fast.
  • The Robust build sees it well prepared to take on your hard core off-road adventures

The Oztrail Tyre Deflator is a massive time saver, an outstanding safety device and incredibly convenient. This is essential kit for the off road driver and no self-respecting 4WD enthusiast should be without one. For sale now and great value for money.

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