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Owner S-125 Plugging Inline Single Lure Hooks (packet)

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Product Description

Owner S-125 Stinger Lure Hooks (Packet) Inline Single Hooks

The Owner S-125 Stinger Lure hooks are your guarantee for hook ups that hold. It is becoming increasingly popular to choose single hooks over trebles for many of our fishing lures. The fashion is spreading as the practice of catch and release becomes part of the recreational angler’s staple. The critical process of adding hooks to your favourite lure is to ensure that balance, castability, action, depth and overall swimming specs are maintained. The S-125 Stinger Lure Hooks are developed with his very issue in mind. Owner are, of course, right across this issue and have put in all the research and development to ensure that your fishing lures maintain their specified action regardless of a change in hooks. The S-125 series are perfect for you hard bodied trolling and casting lures.

Owner has been developing hook technology for well over 30 years. Being a Japanese company, you can be sure that cutting edge technology has been applied to create excellent products for the diverse and often harsh Australian conditions. The company’s moto is indeed “Perfection in Hooks.” As Owner has intimated, and we all know, you can spend hundreds of thousands on your boat and kit but choosing the right hook can be the difference between a boat load of catch and nothing at all.

Features and Specifications

  • Manufactured from TAFF-Wire
  • All hooks have Owner’s triple edge trade mark cutting point
  • Hooks are light weight and extremely sharp

Pieces per pack: (choose your size from our size menu when ordering)

  • Size 1/0 = 6 pcs
  • Size 2/0 = 6 pcs
  • Size 3/0 = 6 pcs
  • Size 4/0 = 4 pcs
  • Size 5/0 = 3 pcs
  • Size 7/0 = 3 pcs
  • Size 9/0 = 3 pcs


  • TAFF-WIRE ensures lures maintain maximum consistent action.
  • TAFF-WIRE hooks claim a strength that surpasses any competitor per diameter.
  • Sharp hooks assist in penetration and hookup.
  • Easier to de-hook fish with minimal damage compared to using treble hooks.

Time and again strikes fail to become hook-ups because of a blunt or understrength hook. All too frequently our lures suffer a loss in action after a hook change. We invest so much in our fishing it seems a shame to dull the action with poor choices in terminal tackle. Turn to Owner for perfection in hooks with an investment of small change. Choose Owner S-125 Stinger Lure hooks when you demand that fish strikes become hook ups and hook ups become catches. When you want the best out of your lures, fit them with S-125 Stinger Lure Hooks.

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