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Okuma Lip Gripper

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Product Description

Okuma Lip Gripper

How many times have you hooked a fish and found yourself having difficulty getting it into the boat? Perhaps the fish is too large to handle easily, or has sharp spines that make it difficult to handle. The Okuma Lip Gripper solves all of your problems.

With a growing emphasis on catch and release the Okuma Lip Gripper will not only help you get your catch into the boat but it will help to ease the stress of the fish ensuring a greater chance of survival.

The Okuma Lip Gripper works by hooking the lower jaw of the fish to allow complete control of the head while allowing the fish to be hoisted from the water. The gripper creates minimal contact and handling and has the added benefit of being able to weigh the fish as it is lifted. Once done you simply release your catch.

To use the Okuma Lip Gripper insert your hand through the adjustable nylon wrist strap and hold the non-slip rubber grip handle. To use the trigger, pull back with your forefinger and middle finger. This opens the jaws of the gripper to then be placed on the lower jaw of the fish. To hold, simply let go of the trigger. When ready to release the fish all you need to do is place it back into the water and then pull the trigger a second time opening the gripper jaws and freeing the fish.

Features and Specifications

  • Fish grips with built in scale for fish up to 23kg
  • Non-slip rubber grip handle
  • Tough ABS handles
  • Premium stainless spring
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Adjustable nylon wrist strap


  • Fish Grips are the perfect addition to catch and release fishing. It is important to take great care with the fish so that they can be returned to the water as healthy and as unharmed as possible. The Okuma Lip Gripper is the ideal solution to a common problem. When removing fish from the water it is not uncommon for their naturally protective slime to be worn away or for the fish to become injured. With greater head control both you and the fish can come away unharmed.
  • Better control equals an easier time removing hooks. When you are better able to control the head of the fish you can keep it from jerking when you are trying to remove your lure without causing further injury.
  • Keeps the angler away from sharp teeth and spines. Besides injury to the fish it is also best to try and avoid injuring yourself as well.
  • The Okuma Lip Gripper is made from long lasting corrosion resistant materials that will hold up for years.

The Okuma Lip Gripper is a simple yet unbelievably helpful tool to keep with your fishing gear. It will enable you to better handle the fish while getting a clear and accurate weight.

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