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Mirage Rayzor Predator Long blade Fins

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Product Description

Mirage Rayzor Predator Long-Blade Dive Fins

Mirage is a veteran manufacturer of Australian water sports equipment. One of the key areas for the brand is to develop scuba and snorkelling gear. Mirage Rayzor Predator is the best pair of long-blade fins available from the manufacturer, and we can dispatch them directly from the Fishing Tackle Shop.

The core purpose of these dive fins is for them to deliver elite performance to both spear fishermen and free divers alike. The key to their performance is the vast length of the fins. Mirage has engineered the fins to this length to allow for the wearer to reach maximum propulsion without expending too much energy and risking cramps.

Moving on from the sheer performance of the fins, every pair of Mirage Rayzor Predators will also impress with its comfort. The wider foot pockets will not leave your feet feeling crushed or uncomfortable. This is crucial when trying to concentrate during spearfishing or free diving.

Features and Specifications

♦   Available in sizes medium to XL

♦   Black colour design

♦   Long-blade fins

♦   Made for spear fishermen and free divers

♦   Wide foot pockets



♦   Spear fishermen and free divers will welcome these dive fins because of their long-blade design and impressive performance.

♦   The vast length of the fins will let you to reach and maintain maximum propulsion while minimizing the risk of incurring muscle cramps.

♦   Wider foot pockets are exactly what you need to feel comfortable during hours of usage.

♦   The plain black design highlights the no-nonsense, elite performance of the fins.

For a premium pair of long blade dive fins, Mirage Rayzor Predators are a fantastic long-term investment for spear fishermen and free divers. Don’t leave performance to chance – order your long-blade fins for rapid dispatch from the Fishing Tackle Shop.

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