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Liquid Mayhem Fishing Attractant Scent

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Product Description

Liquid Mayhem Fishing Attractant Scent (sticks well to any lure can last 30 casts +)

Liquid Mayhem. No, it’s not a cocktail but it may well be an apt description for your grandfather’s moonshine. The name is taken however, so you’ll have to think of branding pops hot spirit with another name. The name refers to a fantastic fish attractant born and bred in the States but making a nudge here in Australia with those privy to the latest and greatest imports carving up the local fishing grounds.

It’s a natural scent. Like really. It’s made using actual bait products. Many fish attractants have “natural scent” and “natural flavours” and “all natural” plastered all over the packaging. Truth be known, many of them are anything but natural and designed by mad scientists squirreled away in secret labs from synthetics whose names a very difficult to pronounce. Liquid Mayhem comes lab coat free, and dabbed on your lure, really will create mayhem in the water.

There are many incredible lures out there that could be argued are superb enough without adding scent. This may be true but your prize minnow, plastic vibe or grub tail bait will turn from the Governor to the Terminator with just a touch of Liquid Mayhem Scent. Make better best by adding Liquid Mayhem fishing attractant to your favourite lures. It’s mess free, easy to apply and super concentrated so you can use it sparingly getting a long life from your two ounce tube. Smart anglers are using scent on all there lures. Really smart anglers are using Liquid Mayhem Fishing Attractant. It’s affordable, the word is out now, so you better get in quick. You will catch more fish, you will turn more strikes in to hook ups and more hook ups into victories. The fish love it, so it goes without saying that you will too.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in easy to use 2 ounce tubes
  • Attractant holds to the bait while under the water and can last 30+ casts before you need to apply
  • Super sticky formula stays on the bait, not on everything else and you only need a little dabble.
  • Mess free formula
  • Works on all types of jigs, hard body and soft plastic fishing lures
  • Super concentrated formula

Note: images for illustration purpose only - price is for 1 tube


  • The fishing scents are made up including use of actual baits. It is not a lab based chemical concoction of artificial synthetics.
  • The formula is concentrated so you don’t need to use much, meaning your Liquid Mayhem will last many a cast and can last 30 casts plus.
  • The no mess formula is a breeze to handle.
  • Fish are attracted from quite a distance and they will hold the lure in their mouths much longer ensuring a much more secure hook up.

Liquid Mayhem is tested and proven fish attractant that will totally change the results of your average fishing trip. If you want to see a bigger catch and full live tanks your crazy to head out without a tube or two of Liquid Mayhem. For sale now and represents great value.

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