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Kayak Motor Mounting Bracket Only (Watersnake)

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Product Description

Kayak Motor Mount Bracket – Jarvis Walker Watersnake

While many people might find it fun to tinker about and design custom mounts for electric motors, there’s probably more of us who would like a simple and easy solution that gets us out on the water faster. The Jarvis Walker Kayak Motor Mount is a brilliantly designed, universal mount that will fit most kayaks and canoes.

Fabricated with quality fittings and supplied ready to fit, the innovative new design has a bracket that allows you to quickly and easily connect your electric motor to your kayak. The fitting instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow. One you’re fitted, you are set to mount your motor.

The Jarvis Walker Kayak Motor Mount for sale now is a brilliant upgrade for those who already own a Jarvis Walker ASP Motor. Simply remove the old mount, transom or custom, and fit the purpose designed Kayak Motor Mount. The Kayak Motor Mount fits hand in glove Watersnake ASP T18 and T24 Electric Motors, but will fit motors of other brands with up to 34lb of thrust, and a shaft diameter of up to 25mm.

Make mounting your electric motor a cakewalk. These sorts of procedures should be simple and inexpensive. With the Jarvis Walker Kayak Motor Mount, it’s just that, inexpensive and simple. Grab yours now, mount up, and get motoring. Remember, efficient kit, means more fish.

Features and Specifications

  • Innovative new design
  • Bracket that allows you to attach a motor to a kayak quickly and easily
  • Suits most kayaks and canoes
  • Fits a motor with a maximum shaft diameter of 25mm
  • Suit motors up to 34lb thrust providing the shaft diameter is not more than 25mm
  • Suited for Watersnake T18 and T24 Electric Motors


  • Universal design makes the mount suitable for most kayaks and Canoes
  • An innovative, well designed product that means you no longer have to fashion or fabricate you own mount from scratch.
  • Ideal for the kayak angler that already has a Jarvis Walker ASP Motor and wishes to upgrade mount systems.
  • The quick connect and disconnect means there is limited fuss when setting up for a day’s fishing or breaking your kit down to pack and head home.
  • The simplicity of design is part of the brilliance. Fitting the mount to your kayak is a simple as following the supplied instructions.

The Jarvis Walker Kayak Motor Mount is a simple and easy way to mount your kayak or canoes with an electric kayak motor. The secure and easy to fit mount will get you, and keep you, up and motoring, without having to spend so much time paddling or adjusting homemade motor mounts.

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