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Juro Mimic Bug Lure

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Product Description

Juro Mimic Bug Lure – Surface Lure for Australian Bass, Bream, Perch and more

When spring hits you will likely be close to doing the pre summer sort of your lure kit. It’s time to remove the old and useless and replace them with a selection of soon to become summer time favourites. For the fresh anglers and the Bream hunters in the saltwater a great place to start is with your top water bugs. You will want to have a selection at hand that a tried, tested and proven on all of your favourite species. The Juro Mimic Bug fishing lure will be an excellent addition. It is a fantastic Cicada imitation and a very fine surface walker.

Estuary and river dwelling Bream are well known for their desire to eat surface bugs. For the freshies, you will be able to throw them confidently at Bass, Estuary Perch, Trout, Yellow Belly and Sooties. This is quite the list of species so your Juro Mimic Bug Lure gets a couple of big ticks for versatility. It’s easy to work and makes a heck of a noise and splash on the water. Fish can hear this disturbance from everywhere and arrive quickly to investigate.

As with any prey flapping about the surface, fish seem to have a thing about smacking them even harder. Anglers who regularly fish the top water often will tell you they often do so simply for the fireworks that come strike time. There really is nothing like it and one of the most thrilling forms of angling. The Juro Mimic Bug lure will be perfect for the summer as the bugs become active and the fish begin to chase them with determination.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 40mm
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Depth: top water
  • Hooks: 2 x treble hooks

Note: Image for reference only – price is for 1 lure. Pick the colour of your choice when ordering from our online fishing store


  • The Juro Mimic Bug looks exactly like a Cicada flapping about the surface, a natural food source of many Australian Freshwater fish so you have a lure that is already on the money.
  • The floating design allows you to work it easily across structure knowing it will generally return without being lost to snags on most occasions (just watch out for those overhanging trees when you make the cast).
  • It such an easy surface fishing lure to use. The action is a peak with a simple straight retrieve and pause.
  • The supplied treble hooks are ultra-sharp and your ticket to a secure hook up.

During the warmer months bugs like Cicadas become an important part of the fish diet, particularly in the fresh. Make sure you are equipped with one or even a couple of Juro Mimic Bug Lures so you can become an essential part of the summer smorgasbord.

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