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Jaz Syclon Vibe Fishing Lure

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Product Description

Jaz Syclon Vibe Lure For Sale

Bream, Bass and other scally predators that prowl throughout the water column are certain to be lost to a fatal attraction, as the first sight of Jaz Syclon Vibe Lure will compel them to bite first and ask questions later. The scaly, colourful designs, coupled with an incredible action, internal rattle and holographic eyes present, for all intent and purpose, as a fish to be eaten by a bigger fish. Expect Bream larger than usual and better quality Bass, flathead and more as the Jaz Syclon Vibe Lure seems to have a thing with fish you can brag about.

With a little common sense and fishing nous there is little the angler can do wrong with the Jaz Syclon Lure. It can be cast, trolled, Jigged and retrieved with various speeds from slow to fast. You can impart a little action or a lot. It all will depend on the fish on the day as to what gets them excited. Try a few methods with your Jaz Syclon Fishing Lure, remember what you did to get your first fish and repeat. Colour demands will vary of course so this is why it is an imperative that you purchase a couple if your budget allows with which to experiment.

Whatever the case, expect to attract significant attention and have your landing net at hand, first casts are often winners as the Jaz Syclon Lure is smashed as it sinks. So long as you are on the ball the super sharp VMC hooks will do the rest, securing your target for an honest hard fight. The Jaz Syclon Vibe Lure is brilliant on light gear and a sure path to full live tanks.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 50mm
  • Weight: approx 4gms
  • Type: Vibe
  • Hooks: VMC trebles, supplied
  • Vibrating Rattler
  • Can be Cast , Trolled or Jigged
  • Holographic eyes
  • Suitable for targeting: Bream, Australian Bass, Flathead, Yellowbelly Perch and more in rivers, lakes, dams etc.

Note: Image for illustration purpose only – price displayed is for 1 lure only, select your option when ordering.


  • This is the perfect Vibe fishing lure for the ultra-light to light angler working towards targeting fresh or salt water species.
  • Incredibly versatile, you can light jig, troll and cast and retrieve at whatever speed suits our conditions.
  • The colour selection is fantastic and the holographic eyes add a touch of realism fish find irresistible.
  • The action alone is enough to excite most predators but the internal rattle creates a noise that bring in fish from outside your immediate casting zone.
  • Brilliant for working submerged snags, oyster racks, bridge pylons and other man made structures.

It’s Time to make some room in your Vibe collection. The Jaz Syclon Vibe Lure is at the cutting edge of contemporary Vibe design and is turning the heads of anglers and fish alike. Purchase one or more from the great colour line up and get casting.

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