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Jarvis Walker Deluxe Knife Sharpener

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Product Description

Jarvis Walker Deluxe Knife Sharpener

Sharp knives make using a knife easy and safer, especially when it comes to cleaning and filleting fish, and it is hard to beat the ease of use of a pull through style knife sharpener, such as the Jarvis Walker Deluxe Knife Sharpener.

This Knife Sharpener is useful wherever you need to sharpen knives in the kitchen, when camping, in the boat, shore based fishing and while out hunting. Not only useful for knives, other uses include sharpening, machetes, secateurs, and it is also a very handy broad head field sharpener for any bowhunters out there. The light weight and tough construction means that this sharpener is able to be carried along on all your trips, easily sitting in the bottom of your tackle box or pack, ready to be used when needed.

To use, start at the handle end of the blade by inserting between the tungsten carbide blades and slide the knife slowly and lightly through the sharpener, finishing at the tip. The pre set angle on the tungsten carbide blades is set for the bevel typically found on most knives, taking all the guesswork out of knife sharpening.

Features and Specifications

  • Extremely simple and fast to use
  • Pre-set angles takes the guesswork out of sharpening
  • Suitable for a wide variety of tools including knives, swords, machetes, secateurs, broadheads, etc
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Long lasting tungsten carbide blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • Soft grip rubber handle


  • The Jarvis Walker Deluxe Knife Sharpener is very easy to use and is suitable for users of any skill level, with the pre-set angles ensuring no technical skill is needed to use, just pull the knife through slowly while applying light, even pressure, with the durable tungsten carbide blades doing all the work for you. Extremely versatile, this sharpener is suitable for a wide variety of knives and tools, so they are very useful for more than just the angler.
  • The tough nature and light weight of the Jarvis Walker Deluxe Knife Sharpener means that it can be carried around wherever you are going, having at home, in the boat, tackle box or bottom of your fishing pack, ready to be used whenever it is needed.
  • The great value of this sharpener means that you can buy enough to have one in the kitchen, garage, as well as one in the boat and tackle box.

Don’t miss the opportunity to keep your knives sharp with such a great value knife sharpener and throw a few in your cart today!

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