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Jarvis Walker Fillet Knife and Hone Stone (42025 Model)

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Jarvis Walker Fillet Knife and Hone Stone-

The team at Jarvis Walker are not only innovative; they’re practical as well. What use is a blunt filleting knife? No use at all. Blunt fishing knives can be downright dangerous. That’s why Jarvis Walker is offering the Jarvis Walker Fillet Knife and Hone Stone combo, so you never have to fillet with a blunt knife again.

The Jarvis Walker Fillet Knife and Hone Stone-are for sale now at the fishing tackle shop, and it will make a brilliant addition to the kits of all anglers who like to take a feed home following a successful session on the water.

Designed with an ergonomic and durable handle, the filleting knife comes with a protective sheath. For mere pocket change, anglers receive what amounts to a filleting kit, with a sheathed filleting knife and a sharpening stone for keeping the blade razor-sharp.

This blade/stone combination is a rare find. How often have you arrived at the filleting table with a bag full of bream and whiting to clean, only to find your filleting knife is blunt before you even start.

Even if you start with a sharp blade, a bag load of fish will dull the best knife pretty quickly. A mid clean sharpen will improve cleaning efficiency, and you’ll depart the smelly cleaning tables in no time flat.

Dull knives encourage you to use more cutting force, which is the most common cause of knife injuries. With a sharpened blade, you will use far less energy. Therefore, you’ll filet the fish only, and avoid filleting yourself. Knife wounds are no fun at all, especially after a long day on the water.

Please take advantage of this great offer from Jarvis Walker and the fishing tackle shop, and ensure your kit is complete with a precision, razor-sharp filleting, knife and a sheath and hone stone to keep it that way.

Features and Specifications

  • Knife for fish filleting or cutting bait
  • Protective Sheath
  • Hone Stone Pack
  • Durable, ergonomic knife handle
  • The kit makes a great fishing gift for the angler in your family.


  • Fillet fish faster and depart the cleaning tables quicker as filleting becomes easier and more efficient with a sharp knife.
  • Re-sharpen your knife mid clean to ensure your last fillets are as good as the first.
  • Protect yourself from cuts and injuries by fileting with a sharp knife every time. Avoid the need for an excessive force with a keen blade.
  • A sheathed blade will remain sharper longer and will also protect the contents of your fishing kit from the blade and your hands as well.
  • With a honing stone readily at hand, you can sharpen your blade regularly, and at the very moment it begins to feel dull.

Never fillet with a blunt knife again. It’s inconvenient, produces terrible fillets and is inherently dangerous. Stay sharp with the Jarvis Walker Fillet Knife and Hone Stone, and the fishing tackle shop.



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