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Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tying Tool

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Product Description

Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool – Fishing Knot Tying Tool

When you think of Daiwa you often think of high tech, market leading innovation, fishing the space age with materials and products that push the boundaries angling engineering. That which we use to catch fish now was not even imagined just a few decades ago. Daiwa creates the future of fishing in a combination of creative and critical thinking processes mixed with applied science. So when you see a fishing gadget such as the Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool we are reminded of the beauty that lies in simplicity. The Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool will change the way you tie leader to braid and very much for the better.

This is an awesome tool for getting the absolute best connection line specs will allow between leader and braid. You can fish confidently knowing you have 100% knot strength. The knots are very tight and compact. A compact knot is very important for the life of your guides. Bulky knots will put stress on your guides and increase wear exponentially. Hard impacts from a bulky knots can crack guides, a nasty outcome that will coast you fish and money and finally bulky fishing line knots reduce casting distance as the line catches up on the rod guides during a cast.

For those that fish the dark nights, leader connection has never been simpler. Many anglers using the Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool can tie knots easily by feel alone. For those that have failing eyesight the same thing applies, after a little practice you don’t even need to look.

The Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool fits easily in your pocket or the smallest of tackle kits. It is coloured high Vis yellow and comes with a useful pocket clip, much like a biro. With the Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool you will tie better knots faster. It is affordable and, in the age of braid, should be considered essential kit. Daiwa is fishing easier so get yours now. It’s a great gift idea for the angler that has everything.

Features and Specifications

  • Fishing knot tying tool - for tying braid to leader
  • Handy pocket clip
  • Lightweight
  • High Vis yellow
  • Compact pocket size


  • Very easy to use and makes tying fishing knots easier than by hand alone.
  • Ideal for tying knots in the dark or limited light conditions.
  • Ensures your braid to leader connection is as strong as line specifications allow.
  • Brilliant for tying compact knots promoting reduced guide wear and damage and preventing tangles.
  • Never lose a fish again to poorly tied knots.
  • A brilliant tool for those who have failing eyesight or wear glasses.
  • Makes the process of tying leader much faster and easier.

Simple ideas often provide huge benefits. The Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool will create better fishing line knots, more efficiently, faster and more accurately. Once you start using Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool you will wonder what you ever did without it. Affordable brilliance from Daiwa.



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