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Daiwa Saltiga Rod - boat and heavy shore spin

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Product Description

Daiwa Saltiga Rod – Boat & Heavy Shore Spin Fishing Rods

The Daiwa Saltiga Fishing Rods listed below represent the best rods a blue water angler can put in the boat. The options cover jigging and casting, overhead and spin. The technology is ground breaking, the designs striking, but most importantly, the performance is out of this world. It is what every angler aspires to, fishing with the best of the best, hunting for the biggest and fastest fish. Trophy fish. The catch of a life time.

The HVF Nanotech blank is the inspiration behind these super thin, lightweight but hugely powerful rods. Beautiful to look at, their aesthetic value, even still, is outstripped by class leading performance. Crisp, powerful and incredibly responsive. High tech Japanese carbon delivers a parabolic action rod, enhanced even further with the addition of X45 and 3DX.

Daiwa Saltiga Rod blanks are adorned with the best of Fuji hardware. Silicon carbide K and MN guides keep things light while doing away with line wrap and reducing friction, yet handle the hard battles and harsh salty conditions providing serious longevity. The ultra-hard EVA grips provide comfort, feel, connection and can withstand continued harsh battles and the constant beating from the rod holders.

Fish XX heavy for massive Tuna. Cast poppers at Yellowtail King Fish. Jig for GT’s and test your metal with medium kit. From Spaniards to Sailfish, your Daiwa Saltiga Fishing Rod, whatever model you choose, will see you well placed for landing the fish of a lifetime. Never be underpowered, don’t compromise on quality, avoid the back-breaking fatigue of jigging and casting big lures with a Daiwa Saltiga Fishing Rod. There’s a model to suit your application in the list below. Select yours. Don’t delay, these prices are the best you will see anywhere. Remember Fishingtackleshop.com.au has a price matching policy. You simply can’t go wrong. Get yours now.

Features and Specifications

  • Daiwa Saltiga Rod – 2016 Release
  • Japanese High Volume Carbon Fibre Nanotech Blank
  • X45 and 3DX Blank wrapping
  • Quality tough EVA rod grips
  • Fuji silicon carbide K series or MN guides (depending on model purchased)

Note: images for illustration only – differences may occur as each model in this range can have slight differences.  Price is for 1 rod only. Choose which model you order when ordering



The classic configuration for mixing it up with blue water monsters. These rods suit overhead style reels only

ModelStyleOverall LengthSectionsFishing ActionTaperCast WeightLine Rating
J511MHB Overhead 178 cm 1 piece Medium Heavy Regular 90 - 210 grams PE 3/4 (approx. 30-40lb)
J61MLB Overhead 188 cm 1 piece Medium Light Regular 50 - 150 grams PE 2/3 (approx. 20-30lb)
J56XHB Overhead 167 cm 1 piece Extra Heavy Regular 200-400 grams PE 6/8 (approx. 60-80lb)



The biggest growth sport in blue water fishing. Ultimate action. This range of rods suit spinning reel models only

ModelTypeLengthSectionsActionTaperJig SizeLine RatingSuggested Reel Size
J55XXHSDF Jig Spin 165 cm 1 piece XX Heavy Regular 250 - 400 grams PE 8 (approx. 80lb) 4500-8000
J56XHS Jig Spin 167 cm 1 piece Extra Heavy Regular 120-300 grams PE 5/6 (approx. 50-60lb) 4500
J62MS Jig Spin 188 cm 1 piece Medium Regular 70 - 180 grams PE 2.5/4 (approx. 25-40lb) 4000-4500
J63MLS Jig Spin 191 cm 1 piece Medium Light Regular 50 - 150 grams PE 2/3 (approx. 20-30lb) 4000
J64CJ Jig Spin 193 cm 2 piece Medium Regular 90 - 230 grams PE 2/4 (approx. 20-40lb) 4500



For throwing big poppers and stick baits atoff shore bullet trains. This range of rods suit spinning reel models only

ModelTypeLengthSectionsActionTaperJig SizeLine RatingSuggested Reel Size
C71MLS Cast Spin 216 cm 2 piece Medium Light Fast 15 - 45 grams PE 3 (approx 30lb) 4000
C74MHS Cast Spin 224 cm 2 piece Medium Heavy Fast 20 - 70 grams PE 3/4 (approx 30-40lb)) 4000-4500
C80MS Cast Spin 244 cm 2 piece Medium Fast 20 - 70 grams PE 2/4 (approx 20-40lb) 4500
C82HS Cast Spin 248 cm 2 piece Heavy Fast 60 - 130 grams PE 4/6 (approx 40-60lb) 4500-6500
C83XHSDF Cast Spin 252 cm 2 piece Extra Heavy Fast 300 grams PE 10 (approx 100lb) 6500-8000


  • The ultimate in blue water blanks. HVF graphite fibre combines with Nanotech resin, X45 and 3DX technology to produce a high-performance super responsive blank. Lightweight, very thin, with power to tackle the oceans toughest fish.
  • Silicon carbide K or MN guides eliminate line wrap, reduce friction and protect your line. Lightweight, yet super strong.
  • The Ultra-tough and hard EVA grips are essential for when it comes time to whits knuckle big pelagic species. A sure and comfortable grip provides confidence. Durability is unrivalled
  • There huge range ensures there is a Saltiga for your application on the blue water. Top shelf performance is matched by eye catching styling and cosmetics.

The list above of Daiwa Saltiga Fishing Rods contains the best of the best for casting and jigging. A Saltiga is an investment, not just a means to an end. Daiwa Saltiga Fishing Rods for sale now represent nothing less than fishing excellence.

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