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Daiwa Saltiga Airportable Travel Rod (Heavy Spin/Popper)

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Product Description

Daiwa Saltiga Airportable Travel Fishing Rods (Heavy Spin Popper casting Models)

All dedicated anglers want to fish the waters wherever they travel. When air travel is required this usually means leaving your favourite rod at home. Depending on whether you are relying on friends to supply equipment or fishing on a charter, it is usually bit of a lottery as to the quality of kit you will be given. What’s more, even if you are given top notch kit, it’s not yours, and most anglers like to create memories, tick off Personal bests and milestones with the rod they have purchased and bonded with.

The Daiwa Saltiga Airportable Travel Fishing Rods Heavy Spin Popper casting Models are astonishingly good portable fishing rods. They’re Saltiga, and unless you have been in hibernation for the last few years you will be well aware of the high performance brand and the class it represents. These rods are designed for very serious action. They’re equipped with the best of the best rod technology and break down into 3 pieces to travel with you everywhere you go.

Each rod listed below is ideal for boat and land and has excellent casting characteristics. Ideal for popper and stick bait fishing you will have access to the heftiest of blue water species. The 85HXS or 85XXHS models, in particular, are perfect for chasing back breaking, tackle busting GT’s, Tuna and Kingies. They are super heavy action muscle rods, designed to face all comers from the BIG end of town.

Of course the feature list is as you would expect, jam packed. The blanks are Daiwa HVF. Twist eliminating and reinforcing X45 technology is featured on all models. V-Joint technology has revolutionised the construction of multi piece rods and offers strength that is unrivalled. Fuji silicon carbide guides provide excellent line management, smooth and tangle free, and the custom alloy components keep the rods lightweight whilst adding significant durability.

The Daiwa Saltiga Airportable Fishing Rods Heavy Spin Popper casting Models are the top of the top shelf. While you will pay a little more, you will most certainly be repaid with outstanding quality in a precision travel rod designed to go with you wherever your imagination dictates.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Spin (suits spinning type reels)
  • Pieces: Rods are a 3 piece portable construction
  • Ideal for travelling
  • Fast Taper
  • Rod blank features Daiwa technologies X45, HVF and bias wrap
  • Customized carbon and Alloy customized reel seats with locking rings
  • Super Durable airfoam grips
  • Custom designed alloy components
  • Fuji silicon carbide rod guides

Note: Image for illustration only: slight differences may occur between models. Price displayed is for 1 rod only. Please select the model of your choice when you order.


Model Specific Details

Model NumberLength (when extended)ActionLine RatingCast Weight
C77MHS 231cm Medium Heavy PE 1.5 – 4 (approx 15-40lbs) 20-60 grams
C80HS 244cm Heavy PE4-6 (approx 40-60lb) 30-120 grams
C85XHS 257cm Extra Heavy PE 4-8 (approx 40-80lb) 40-120 grams
C85XXHS 257cm Double Extra Heavy PE 6-10 (approx 60-100lb) 50-160 grams

Fishing applications and fishing reel selection guide

Our range of Daiwa Saltiga Airportable rods for sale on this page are all heavy spin style rods suitable for saltwater fishing. The 77MHS model will be your all-round med-heavy spin style rod and will suit a daiwa 4500 Size spin reel. The 80HS, 85XHS and 85XXHS are your heavy spin and popper / stickbait rods for kingfish, tuna and giant trevally as a couple of prime examples. Depending on how heavy you wish to fish match either of these rods up with a 4500, 5000, 6500 or 8000 Size Daiwa Spin Reel. These rods are suitable for use off either shore or boat.


  • There is nothing quite like the confidence you get fishing heavy with your own kit. Your rod will travel with you, even on the smallest of aircraft.
  • The Saltiga label represents class and distinction. Fishing with a Saltiga rod is the ultimate fishing experience.
  • The 3 piece construction makes it ideal for transporting to all places where baggage restrictions and travel space are considerations.
  • Being able to use your own kit while travelling is easily one of the best features of the Airportable rods.
  • Ultimate convenience meets Ultimate performance.
  • Cast or troll from the boat, bounce the bottom or toss poppers from the ocean rocks. Flexibility is certain as is the battle power to fight the biggest fish.

The Daiwa Airportable Travel Fishing Rods Heavy Spin Popper casting Models are the perfect answer for the traveller that like to use their own kit. Invest now and discover the Saltiga brilliance and performance. For sale now, and proving very popular.

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