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Daiichi Nemesis Circle Hooks

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Product Description

Daiichi Nemesis Circle Hooks

There is nothing really gentle about a fishing hook. There is something about fishing hook and protecting fish that kind of seems incongruous. The Daiichi Nemesis Circle Hook is however such a hook. The design ensures a better hook up rate while at the same time mitigating against deep hooking. The fish is almost always hooked through the mouth. The implications of this hook feature for the protection of our incredible fishing resource is profound. A fish intended for release will pretty well always survive mostly unharmed when hooked through the mouth.

Independent studies conducted by the NSW Department of Primary Industries found that Circle hooks had astonishing rates of mouth hook ups. The results for several blue water species are; Yellowfin Tuna 95%, Atlantic Bluefin Tuna 84%, Sailfish 98% and Marlin 100%. The Daiichi Nemesis Circle Hooks are intended for our big blue water species and as you can see from the results of the studies, this really is a hook intended to protect our resource. The beauty of this for the angler is that this hook design not only ensures a healthy game fishing future but much improved hook up rates and loss of tackle. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

This is a hook for the kits of every blue water angler. The performance is nothing short of superb and they’re not as expensive as you may think. Daiichi make brilliant terminal tackle and the Daiichi Nemesis Circle Hooks walk proudly bearing the flag of top shelf performance.

Features and Specifications

  • Sizes: Choose from 10/0, 11/0 or 12/0 when ordering
  • Quantity: 11/0 and 12/0, 4 hooks per pack and 10/0, 5 hooks per pack
  • Colour: Black
  • 4X Strong Heavy Duty
  • Straight Eye, Offset
  • Designed for game fish and all large pelagic species
  • Specifically designed to ensure fish are hooked in the mouth
  • Suitable For targeting fish species such as Tuna, sailfish and other bill fish, kingfish, mahi mahi, larger mackerel and a whole string of other large deep sea and reef fish.


  • Incredibly strong for tackling large and most aggressive of our blue water game and pelagic species.
  • Ideal for using larger baits.
  • Independent Fisheries Studies show significantly increased survival rates of released fish caught on circle hooks due to reductions of deep hooking.
  • Critical timing at strike time is no longer required, as the fish generally hook themselves.
  • The hooking process generally keeps abrasive mouths from leader, allowing lighter leader to be used.

Daiichi Nemesis Circle Fishing Hooks will result in increased hook ups and will mitigate against damage to a fish intended for release. Catch more fish while protecting our priceless resource. Outstanding hook and they should be compulsory. Don’t delay in stocking your kit with Daiichi Nemesis Circle Hooks.

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