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  • Classic F18
    The action and features of the Classic F18

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Classic F18 / F120 Fishing Lures

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Product Description

Classic F18 / F120 Fishing Lure

Take a look at the Classic F18 or F120 Fishing Lure by JM Gillies. There is no prize for guessing the target species for which this lure is intended. Even an angler that has never been to the tropics will identify this style and profile as a classic Barra Lure. Regardless of the dominance of soft plastics on the modern angling market, the Classic F18 Fishing Lure is still the poster boy of Barra Lures in the top end of Australia. Have a look in the tackle box of even the most casual Barra angler and you will see this profile represented all through the top shelf, well used, experienced and backed with any number of battle histories that make it night on impossible for the owner to determine a favourite. The Classic F18 is such a lure and it will grace your kit in numbers and end up responsible for the lion’s share of your Barra haul.

The Classic F18 Lure has a fantastic action whether cast or trolled. The unique wing design created added stability and the narrow bib was crafted to provide outstanding casting accuracy. As all anglers who fish snags know, accuracy is paramount. Take a ride down the Daley River during the dry. The low water levels reveal the vast entanglements of trees, logs and branches Barra call home. There is an equally daunting symphony of woody entanglement above the water also. One can never stress enough, just how important casting accuracy is during the hunt for Barramundi. Poor accuracy costs you fish, and lures. The Classic F18 Fishing Lure is an absolute arrow.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 120mm
  • Weight: approx 21 grams (F18)  Approx 23 Grams (F120)
  • Contains a rattle
  • 3 treble hooks
  • Depth: 8ft or 10ft models available – see our drop down order menu
  • Target Species: Barramundi but also perfect for Jacks, Queen Fish, Threadfin, Trevally, Kingfish, Tailor, Salmon and Bonito

Note: Images are for illustration purpose only – price displayed is for 1 lure, simply choose your preferred colour when ordering from our fishing tackle shop.


  • This is a classic Barra lure, it’s all in the name. You will catch more Barra, more frequently and a better class of fish.
  • Equally as devastating trolled or cast.
  • Retrieve technique is very straight forward, just wind.
  • You can target just about any predatory fish of size you like, such is the universal appeal of the Classic F18 lure or F120.

The Classic F18 or F120 Fishing Lure is certainly top shelf. It is a must have in any Barra anglers box and moreover, should be represented in numbers and colour variety. You can’t have too many and the accessible price is a boon for Barramundi Bandits who always look for value for money, even in the best of lures. Stock up now.

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