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Black Magic Whiting Whacker Pre Tied Rigs

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Product Description

Black Magic Whiting Whacker Rigs (suits running sinkers)

As far as fishing rigs go there is probably none more used and none more recognisable than the simple running sinker rig. You know the one. A swivel connects to the mainline holding a sinker. Underneath, you have a trace, or leader as it is increasing becoming referred as, often fluorocarbon these days, that has a hook or two connected at the end of the trace.

This is the rig you will see deployed in just about every fishing application you can imagine. From boat to beach and rocks to rivers, it really is the anglers’ staple rig. It was probably the first we learned to tie in our humble angling beginnings and the one we could probably tie now with our eyes closed. We used it for pretty well all species when we are fishing with natural baits. It’s a classic rig. The Black Magic Whiting Whacker Rigs for running sinkers now as a pre fab rig ready for you to simply choose a sinker to suit your conditions then fix to the main line.

The beauty of Pre tied whiting rigs is that there is no guessing involved. The strength of the leader, the length of the leader and the hook size and style, right down to the fish attracting beads and flashing, have all been determined by and rigged by an expert. You can fish with absolute confidence knowing the rig you have is perfect for the application.

You’ll note with joy that although this rig is designed for targeting big, elbow slapping sand or King George Whiting, it is also highly likely to attract a host of other great species depending on where you are fishing. Smaller reef fish will love it. The beach anglers will find Bream, Dart, Flathead and Aussie Salmon will also take a liking to the Whiting rig. The Black Magic Whiting Whacker Rigs for running sinkers makes for fantastic fishing. They’re inexpensive, so stock up now.

Features and Specifications

  • Japanese Black Magic KL circle hooks are used in these rigs
  • Made up on fluorocarbon trace
  • Made with coloured beads and flashing for added fish attraction
  • QTY: 1 packet contains 2 running rigs

Note: Image for illustration only – price is for 1 packet only. Choose your colour when ordering from our menu.


  • Prefab rigs make rigging up as easy as it can be.
  • The Whiting rig will also attract a host of other species.
  • Brilliant for both land based and boat fishing.
  • An awesome tool for introducing newbies to angling especially due to the circle hooks as fish are pretty much nearly always mouth hooked as opposed to gut hooked.
  • Takes the guess work out of rigging.

Pre tied whiting rigs are a brilliant idea and appropriate for all skill levels of angling. The Black Magic Whiting Whacker Rigs for running sinkers will see you catch more fish, Whiting in particular, and all with the simple process of attaching the rig to your mainline.

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